@sizzletron I ordered some (overly priced) masks for my wife from

She has to wear an ineffective talisman all day at work. And I feel guilty because I've only worn a mask a couple of times in the last 7 months.

@BobB @sizzletron

Imagine the money you could make selling masks "blessed by fauci," and spritzered with "essence of Pfizer"

Another company making extra breathable masks, if anyone is interested:


@BobB @sizzletron
There's also a company making a "sorta mask." It's a gauze like a stocking:

@JonyKow @sizzletron during our counties mask requirement phase, a guy came to the school board meeting to talk wearing one of these and they let him in.

But TSA would not let me through airport security with a bandana mask in July 2021. So if I'm spending money, I want one that will get past them. No stores in my area require masks for customers at this time.... Not since last spring, actually. So I usually don't need a mask at all.

@BobB @JonyKow @sizzletron I just ordered one of these for some travel I have coming up in a few months.

Flew to Playa del Carmen and back wearing a similar product last May. No one said a word to me about it at any point.

Pro-tip: get one that is as close to a match for your skin tone as you can. I had a black one the first time, they can be see through if the light is just right and there's a great amount of contrast between the mask and your skin.

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