Well, look how quickly the #weather is changing! 🤓 Used to say 90-ish percent chance of precipitation for Saturday and Sunday. Now it's at 70-ish percent.

Already made plans to #bike a bit on Sunday morning, on my own, with possibility* of meeting up with someone #cycling 26kms 😮 for quick #coffee. Then meeting up in the afternoon with #BikeBuddy. 🚲❤️

My last practice was too short.
Because. Y'know. Alone. Awkward.

Gonna make the next trip worth it and bike more. With longer breaks. ☝️😉


@evelyn I always chuckle when I look at my phone and it says 70% chance of rain... and I look out the window and it is actually raining right then. Kinda how the odds of losing at the casino work....

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Yeah, why do I even bother checking 🤪 It's like the horoscope or #fakenews sometimes. 😄

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