Bag of dicks: Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle working on Covid vaccination passport


@adam I can see how they're going to start to force us to take the vaccine. CDC is going to require airlines to validate passengers have had testing within 3 days of international travel coming into the USA. right now getting the vaccine doesn't exempt you from that. But I bet they will soon. so you're tired of being at home and you want to travel internationally, get the vaccine so that you can come back.

@BobB @adam you’ll be forced because if you don’t have the vaccine you can’t partake in society

@BobB @adam If it stayed as international travel, good on a macro level.

It won't tho. It'll be simply going anywhere.

@stewil102 @adam this CDC requirement for incoming international travel is a big deal. We have travel plans in March... 8 days. We fly out and arrive at destination country, no problem. Then within 3 days of coming home, we need to get tested... in a foreign country where our language skills are limited and our knowledge of local medical system is zero. And what if we have a false positive test? What hoops to we have to jump through to come home, and how much is that going to cost?

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