"...This will make struggling Minority Students SO HAPPY, at the tiny expense of rendering a HS Diploma from Oregon to be entirely useless..."

@BlueDouche @Effortless the standardized testing is a joke, always has been. Not just that, they've been passing idiot failures for years. Was the same when I went to HS 20 years ago. All you had to do was get a D average and you're g2g.


@SamiOh @Effortless I am aware.

This isn't even about the "Standardized Testing".

This is the Minimum Proficiency Test; that test they start in the 8th Grade or Frosh year that has just the BASIC MINIMUM LEVEL stuff to ensure that you got something, ANYTHING out of high school. The math is basic algebra, and every other subject is just the basic stuff.

Most of us could have passed this thing in the 6th Grade.

But Noooooo. .It's RAY-CISS!

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@BlueDouche @SamiOh

I love how Asians are somehow clamoring for lowered standards.

In what Universe?

@Effortless @SamiOh

That is a bold-faced lie.

Asians are struggling in the US Courts right now over TOTALLY RACIST AND UNFAIR ADMISSIONS to top Universities.

They are throwing away 14 of the 25 top Applicants in each class who HAPPEN to be Asian, because they already have 2 asians accepted, and they are using race preferences.

Meanwhile, on the other end, some of the Black & Latino Students Accepted at these schools barely MEET the minimum entrance reqs... or don't meet them at all.

@ruprecht @Effortless @SamiOh

Again, it's just like the "Anti-Asian Racism" they are always complaining about in SoCal.

The violent acts and crimes committed by Blacks 95% of the time.

There is your racism, but they CAN'T call-out what it actually is, so they pretend that SoCal is filled with White Rednecks in Jacked-Up Pickup Trucks with Trump Flags, driving around LA and targeting Asians for Hate Crimes.

@Effortless @SamiOh

I believe the SCOTUS has that high-profile Asians being screwed in Admissions case on the next term's Docket; so by academic 2024, maybe some things will change?

@BlueDouche @Effortless but funnily enough, homeschoolers have to take the tests (paid foe out of parents pockets) and have to pass otherwise shit hits the fan and the govt intervenes.. The public school kids are held to a different standard. Funny bc homeschooling kids so not get a diploma/accreditation. They have to pay (again) to get a GED certificate.

@SamiOh @Effortless
In clown world 202X, things are reversed.

Instead of the GED being easier than High School, it is now substantially HARDER than High School.

@BlueDouche @Effortless Children in Oregon have to do the benchmark testing in 3rd, 5th, 8th, 10th grades. Those are *supposed* to be used in conjunction with grades to see if they should pass/be held back. Which for many years, a large percentage of students couldn't even get above 75% on them. The number of students who can pass it are even lower pre covid. They still pass regardless, hand out IEP like candy, next year's teachers problems not theirs.

@SamiOh @Effortless I understand.

It's going-on nearly everywhere, from what I see and hear.

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