I'm amazed at how many times I've seen someone claim to be living in mainland China on Facebook in the "No Agenda Podcast Fans" group over there (often defending or laughing at the posts critical of the CCP) but it never seems to be more than one at a time. We had one guy for a few months then he left all angry at all the criticism. Another came along now admitting he's in China. (His English skills are poor). Isn't Facebook blocked in China? Why are they pro-CCP? Seems interesting.

@BlueDouche @Dan_Ramos Our Facebag group only gets ONE government troll from CCP? I feel insulted. We should be worth at least 5 assigned shills.

@progo @BlueDouche Ah right! How did I forget about the wumao? Fifty cent per comment but I wonder how much they get for reactions?

@Dan_Ramos @BlueDouche can you tell them to join our Mastodon and our IRC chat room? It would be fun. Maybe they have strict scope rules based on the potential audience of places where they comment.

@progo @BlueDouche Also... just realized something...

You mentioned an IRC chat room?? WHERE?!

@progo @BlueDouche OH WAIT! You mean the troll room! Hahah.. okok. I thought you meant another IRC channel. Sorrysorry.

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