Governor Blackface just ordered schools closed in VA for the rest of the year.

256 cases of Wuhan Sniffles and the are determined to break the economy and throw every life in disarray just for electoral purposes.

Democrats are the real disease.


So the rest of the world is in on this grand conspiracy just to get Trump out of office too?


No moron, each for his own purpose, but all following like the idiots they are the cues of the socialdemocratic press.

In Italy, to renationalize former state companies.
In Argentina, to justify the thefthe of state resources.
In Hungary, to increase the power of the Prime Minister.
In the US, the Dimms are definitely trying to undermine Trump.

Not a "grand Conspiracy" anymore that there was a "vast right wing conspiracy" to get Clinton.

Just petty politics. Like yours.


I'm not calling you a moron. I just think you're wrong. The information we spread in this moment matters a lot. Unless you're right and somehow convince people not to take extreme measures, people will die and suffer from the disease and/or the economic impact. My understanding is the measures will help mitigate losses. Is the news lying about overrun hospitals in Italy?


People will die!

Eventually, but not from this.

You obviously know nothing about Italy, where the number of deaths is the same as last year...and probably caused from the same flu, as they are not testing for Corona.

You are spreading falsehoods, and lack understanding.

They are destroying the economy. THAT will cause more harm than the Wuhan Sniffles which, as luck would have it, I have.

Not nearly as bad as last year's flu.

UnlIke the flu, though, it's treatable.


again, I admit that the measures being taken will cause a lot of harm, and kill people. but what I've seen says they are worth it to prevent even worse from #COVID19. I'm searching but not seeing what you're saying. bad reports coming out of NYC now too.


You are searching nothing and seeing less.

A mild malady affecting 0.00005 of the world's population.

All of 0.006% in Italy, and half of those bet. 80-89 years old with 1-3 preexisting conditions and receiving no treatment.

You see 0.005% of the population in Spain, alas diagnosed over the phone.

You see nothing and spread fear based on hysteria and unfounded assumptions.

When you know the data, talk to me again.

I have no time for the uninformed.

@Debradelai Uniformed doesn't even begin to describe this person. He wants Bernie the commie for president.😆


@Baline @Debradelai @wjmaggos

Eek. Just started looking at his (her?) toots... 😬


@umad80 @Baline @Debradelai @wjmaggos

I blocked him long ago.

Just parrots progressive talking points & worships at the altar of Marx.

@wjmaggos @BlueDouche @Baline @Debradelai @MEMA

And where is the sob stories about the flu and this happening? I know there are these same stories.

It's sad, no one is disputing that, but the idea that this is just somehow a bigger problem when the flu can be and is a pandemic overworking everyone and hospitals is absurd.

@umad80 @wjmaggos @BlueDouche @Baline @Debradelai @MEMA

Cuomo and his ilk are ultimately responsible for getting the respirators needed.

@Lonestar @wjmaggos @BlueDouche @Baline @Debradelai @MEMA

Yep. And some idiot on twitter was pissed at Trump wanting to re-open anything.

I think that's what pissed me off the most of reading it.

Both of those things pissed me off. Ignorance by the masses and what Cuomo did to make NY ill prepared.

@Lonestar Bingo. I don't expect him to have 20 million on hand, but the Governor is responsible for the preparedness of his state. This d-bag dropped the ball.

@umad80 @wjmaggos @BlueDouche @Debradelai @MEMA

@wjmaggos @BlueDouche @umad80 @Debradelai @MEMA It is sad. So many people getting sick in a state with a Governor who does not understand what his position entails on a good day.

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