The whole landscape changes for politicians.

This shit show has been allowed to go on for far too long. I hope we spend the next 10 years going after everyone that propigated this phoney pandemic to the full extent of the law (yeah right). We also need to put better checks in place to ensure that no artificial emergency could be used like this again. Even if that means compromising ourselves in a possible future emergency.

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Sidney Powell: Inside the Michael Flynn Case and DOJ Reform

(33:02) The longer Judge Sullivan takes to dismiss the case, the more stuff they owe me.


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so if you own land in the orange areas, do you lose it?

update: @EarlThePearls points out it's just the Creek one

The "Black National Anthem", that the NFL now insists on playing at Games, before or after the Stat-Spangled Banner.

It sucks; it's not just inappropriate, it SUCKS.

I wrote better hymns in a High School Music Theory class 40 years ago.

I am through with the NFL., if they go through with this idiocy.


A park on my walk had a โ€œsuspicious fireโ€. They rolled three trucks but this little one seemed to do all the work. One guy was running the hose and the others had tools & worked on hot spots.

I also saw some new BLM graffiti nearby as well. This is at a memorial for part of the Jewish holocaust.

Judge in Michael Flynn Case Wonโ€™t Dismiss: Appeals to Full D.C. Circuit

Judge Sullivan still refuses to dismiss the Flynn case. He's now like a sort of a rogue judge trying to keep it going no matter what orders he received.

You can trust the justice system...



It's a rehash of Wilkinson's original answer to the petition, with the same cretinous argument.

To wit, the judge may well grant the dismissal anyhow, so why not let him!

Because he's causing harm to the defendant and the government needlessly beating a dead horse, that's why.

So be it. Off we go on another wild goose chase that can only end in dismissal, while the DoJ continues to pile on Ban Grack et al for prosecutorial misconduct.

Bring it on.

Now comes Sidney's reply.

@RealJamesWoods: "Judge Rules Virginia Giuffre's Lawyers Must 'Destroy' Jeffrey Epstein Files // Is there anybody the Clintons donโ€™t own?"

#Epstein #Maxwell #Giuffre


NASAโ€™s Voyager 2 spacecraft made its closest approach to Jupiter today in 1979. Voyager 2 was sent to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and while it was the 4th spacecraft to fly by Jupiter, it became the first, and so far only, one to fly by Uranus and Neptune.

The problem is, too many black men are acting like Snoop Dog and NOT Ben Carson.

I said what I said.

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