John Robertsโ€™ refusal to sit for Trump impeachment sparks constitutional concerns

Even Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to preside over the second impeachment of Trump. According to the Constitution only a President can be impeached, not an ex-President. Roberts did not explain his refusal. Is it for the same reason or does he simply hate Trump also?

wtf, i can't even log into my investment account!!!
I just want to check my stocks!!! Nothing to do with the GameStop stuff!!!!

It's day 8 of the Biden presidency and he still hasn't cured cancer like he promised.

From The New York Lies...ahem, I mean Times:

"Two Masks Are the New Masks: Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk when you have to spend more time around others โ€” in a taxi, on a train or plane, or at an inauguration."

I know this has been talked about a lot on here recently, but this article infuriated the hell out of me. She talks about it like double masks are a hot, new fashion trend. I lose faith in humanity more and more every day ๐Ÿ™„

This is rough to watch. Feel so bad for him and the thousands of others.

Black Keystone Pipeline Worker GOES OFF After Biden Fires Him and 10,000 Co-Workers

Robinhood locked out users from buying AMC and GME.

He robs the rich and gives to the richer! I rite?

All white/black supremacist are assholes but, not all assholes are white/ black supremacists!

lmao the news is lit this morning

President Biden halts the Trump Administrationโ€™s plan to let more physicians prescribe an opioid addiction treatment drug.

Climate czar John Kerry admits zero emissions in the US wouldnโ€™t make a difference in global climate change just before Biden pushed a $2 trillion "Green New Deal".

It's China that produces 30 percent of the worldโ€™s carbon emissions.

Kerry's hypocrisy on full display. He fought a windmill farm because it block his view. He owns a private jet that uses 40x the amt of fuel per person than a commercial flights.

January 1943: This photograph was taken inside the USS Wahoo when it was 300 feet underwater, shortly after eluding six depth charges.

And screw reddit for being the chicom pansies that they are.

We are impeaching an ex president because the Democrats never learned sticks and stones in the schoolyard.

Look at who the spokesperson was at the State Dept covering up for Hillary Clinton pedophilia and sex trafficking allegations - JEN PSAKI

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