Oh, RT, you minx!

"Pentagon investigates itself, finds it did nothing wrong.Nobody will be held accountable for an airstrike that killed up to 64 civilians, a report states" rt.com/news/555651-pentagon-re

Imagine you're in a bar smoking Opium with your friends. Just lounging and batching about taxes. Then one of your oldest friends who's known to be a bit of a wild guy (with the rumors of his orgies and parties) says: "Now here me out, gentlemen. What if we said 'fuck the crown' and made us our own country?"

There's a moment of silence. Then someone mutters "Franklin... you brilliant bastard."

And here we are.

๐Ÿฟ Report

Tax filings reveal how BLM co-founder spent charity funds

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors used charity funds to pay her brother and childโ€™s father eye-watering sums of cash for various services, according to tax documents filed with the IRS.


@Newman Wow. That's horrible. Climate change? She's frantically flipping pages to find out what she should read. Head is down, not up, speaking with command of the subject matter.

Which she clearly does not have. And like most democrats, they don't understand finance, just tax revenue sources and don't give a fuck about downstream impacts of policies made or changed.

The Ukrainian military doesn't bury the dead, even their own. This is a war, but the supposedly civilized side the west supports ... are actually the "orcs" and nazi(s). That why the MSM lies about this. I'm not surprised this is the side Soros is on.


A few months prior the release of COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab in China, Karl Schwab and Bill Gates held a simulation of a worldwide pandemic at a symposium they termed Event 201, envisioning millions of lost lives and the opportunity for a Great Reset to follow. They proclaimed a pandemic would present for the New World Order the perfect set of circumstances to reset the globeโ€™s political and economic future by the year 2030.

@matthewdropco @DewsNews He doesn't even change his clothes as fast as he changes names... that's neat, thanks for the search tainment.


The Biden Administration continues to behave recklessly. They and their fellow Democrats are recklessly destroying America and they donโ€™t care if we know it.

They also keep provoking Russiaโ€ฆโ€


They made a pride themed game where you dance through the streets and have dance offs with Trump and Putin. Somehow it doesn't look gay enough. Sad.

Twitter is more active than ever ... censoring (banning) the only twitter accounts which are/were providing honest information on Ukraine.

Ukraine is losing bigly, but they think if they hide it ... we will still send them billions.



Throughout the world, Col. Chris Stangle, commander of 4th PSYOP Group tells us, psychological operations are occurring โ€œliterally everywhere, every day, in every component of our lives.โ€


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