Bidens pedo jokes are horrible. All of those women behind him were laughing thinking he was so funny. Horrible monster.

Vaccine Mandate Ruled ‘Invalid’ for Police Association Members in New York

New York City police officers scored a big win in their fight against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that cost some their jobs, with a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruling that the mandate—as it applies to members of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA)—is “invalid” and fired cops must be given back their jobs


Treasure Island, analyzed:

Was Long John SILVER Jewish?

No Cameras in the Courtroom ordered by Judge in Idaho Doomsday Cult Child Murder Case. Requested by BOTH Defense and Prosecution, due to difficulty with Jury corruption by media coverage & slant.

Spanning ID/MT/WY/AZ, Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell Murder kids in Yellowstone, Kill off their Spouses in ID & AZ, elope, then Lead their Doomsday Cult...

M5M getting so out of control in these cases that BOTH sides are worried about Jurors believing whatever Journos invent.

Bluedouche' Comments on Italy:

This is a REPONSE to the abject failure of just another Progressive Leftist/Globalist Government.

Immigration and a crap economy are the reasons.

If you look at the platform of the allegedly "Fascist" Party the EU and Leftist Media hates, there is no Fascism. They are engaging in calling political opposition Fascist.

I note that Hitler was an Artist, & Mussolini was a JOURNALIST, prior to Politics. NEVER trust a Party loved by Artists and Journalists.

Calling it right now...
Top 2022 Halloween Costume for Adults:
"Canadian Shop Teacher".

Works for both Genders... BECAUSE.

WAL-MART is going to be OUT if giant bras in 2 weeks.

I’m feeling numb. I’ll probably end up crying later especially with the knowledge that everyone else is sad. Even grandma Suzanne is sad.

So we have the numb...

but it won't last, as we all know.

My Father is in a Care Facility, and he is in a different County than his ID is registered...

He wants to vote, but my Sister will not cooperate, because she thinks Dad is too old and has "dangerous ideas".

She is one of those RINO types who thinks Trump is Satan, and Romney is heroic, because "no mean Tweets/comments" etc.

So annoying and now, I have to get Dad's ID file number, and change the address for mailing.

Why do I have to go cloak & dagger, just so he can vote?

I will be fine, and I'm not asking for advice here.

This is daughter #7, 17 years old.

This ain't my first Rodeo. I KNOW what to do...

This is for consideration for the many parents here; because just like the death of our OWN Parents; this is GOING to happen at some point; whatever point...

Best we be thinking-about what to say and not to say long before the situation even comes-up, I would advise.

"All of that 'Control your Emotions' Stuff? Yeah; MULLIGAN, doesn't apply to this..."

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"Mom" and I have not spoken in a few weeks; and don't do so regularly; because there is no need to.

I don't like bothering her right now, because she has severe vision problems that she's going-into surgery for soon, and it is too chaotic, etc.

I know that if she feels we NEED to talk, she will call me, because my schedule and life has more flexibility then hers right now.

Also: We don't get-on with the relationship thing, but our parenting is similar-enough that we don't WORRY about that.

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[Serious Post from a rather un-Serious Guy:]

My Youngest Daughter, from Tuscon, AZ, area at 9pm last night:

I just lost someone close to me from suicide.

I need to talk to you

I connected with Aunt Sammi’s husband who had autism. And he’s gone now.

She is still struggling, and did not go to school today.

We talked; and she got annoyed with me, because most things I told her got the "Well, MOM Said THAT already..." reaction.

Why is it 'bad', if Mom was right?


DeSantis: "I reject socialism outright. I reject Marxism, Leninism, communism, any of these -isms that have come out of a political theory that denies the worth of each and every individual."

I specialize in elections. From what I’m seeing in this referendum, with IDs, paper ballots, & a clear chain of custody, the DPR, LPR, Kherson, Zaporozhye regions have far more fair & transparent elections than the U.S., in SPITE of attempted shelling by Ukraine. Yet the U.S media-politic calls it a sham.

Meanwhile in the US, black box voting means your vote is done on a machine owned by the subsidiary of a ghost corporation, no paper ballots, no audits, easily hacked,

It's the <pew, pew, pew> website for fossil fuel 🙂 "Handy Website: "Flare Intel"
watch in real time as Thousands of tonnes of CO2 is added daily to the atmosphere as Natural Gas is Flared / burnt off... it's Beautiful...
Gazprom’s Portovaya plant flaring emits about 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide every day. 
To put this in perspective, that’s the same amount of emissions produced over a whole year by more than 1,100 average American homes. A Day."

California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters Busted Funneling Over $1.2 Million To Her Daughter's Firm
More dirty dealings.
She's not happy.

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