More numbers from Ontario Govt site.

Basically, CoVid is harmless until your 70's.

And if you're a 50 y/o non-binary person, you're apparently virusproof. πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

So, have been digging into the numbers for this Ontario "Surge" in CoVid Cases....

Deaths are CLEARLY DOWN. Yet Dougie is telling us to stay home and test more. Clearly trying to create panic.

Well, this explains my 20's dating life. Can confirm that they're definitely some of the freakiest I've dated. Also, most are crazy as catshit. There are a few GTA hospitals I would likely not survive.

Can someone explain this. Dude wrote a book called "the God Delusion", presumably against religion, but is also against Darwinism which is as science as it gets.

Why do people look up to these self-contradictory folks?

It's like JCD says: In a recession, the prostitutes get hotter and cheaper....

RT: [email protected] - Never forget: when the chips were down and money got tight, millions of β€œempowered” women dropped all pretenses and just became online hookers - to the point that they crashed the market.

Today on @Bishop does bondage, I'm going to try to figure this tie out. I think I got it. It's kind of like a strappado with a bunch of extra munters and an over the back of neck rope.

This is why I refuse to rent software like Office 365. New feature coming from Dr. Bill, bringing back an old, persistent favourite... πŸ™„

So, I've been wondering for a while why Tim Ferriss has gone from capitalist hustler to complete pussy, leftist.

He has been interviewing some odd folks lately and has been very CoVid panicked.

Then I remembered he is supporting some studies on psychedelics. And I remembered one of the places they are being held. Then. I found the other.

Johns Hopkins and Imperial College.

Tim is compromised. I repeat Tim is compromised.

Working on my sticker collection for my 90's era h4xor laptop.... Goal is to have it totally covered and even overlapping like a collage

Top left, for anyone that cares.

(Also, I don't totally hate Google. I poison the well with a shitton of bad data, strip all permissions, block as much tracking and ads as I can. Their products are pretty good - so after all the shit I give them, I'm satisfied that I'm of no benefit to them)

@dcgirl has been writing articles on the side. This showed up on Reddit today.

Also, I think I understand the appeal, sort of. In this picture he looks sort of like Brad Pitt. Nerdy, 15 and malnourished, but close enough. πŸ˜›

j/k - DCgirl - I mean, I put an early 20's-only TSwift and the "shut up already it's science"-girl on my list, so my taste is questionable.

So, Bishy may have said "Serving Booze isn't fucking rocket science" to a bartender friend, and has been challenged to work a shift at a bar when everything reopens.

As such, I need to get a SmartServe to be licensed.

Noticed this chart. Conspicuously missing, all 73 other genders. How do I rate them for BAC? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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