Why are Project Managers such cunts? They completely seem to ignore my schedule, even though I'm one of few required attendees. 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬



B: "Hey, I can't come from 3-4, I'm busy from 3-5 in another meeting. Please rebook."

PM: "I can't"

B: "Well, I can't be there"


B: "Exactly, and I'm also already booked. Find another time."

PM: *Books meeting from 4-5*

@Bishop and hard is it to check the calendar? Its updated for reasons other than keeping me on track ... Feel your pain.

@SirEricHalbritter yeah, but I legit gave him a 2 hour period that didn't work. And heoved from the 1st hour to the 2nd

@Bishop @SirEricHalbritter As a PMP, I agree the PM's behavior is wrong. Don't go to the meeting, but tell someone in charge other than the PM the exchange. "Hey I can't make it. I told PM these were the only hours I could NOT make it, and they scheduled it then anyway. I have a thing that cannot be moved. Sorry for any inconvenience."

@Bishop @SirEricHalbritter This covers your butt, and makes you look like a team player. It also makes the PM look stupid. Watch your back if anyone things your being a dick.

@al_kali @SirEricHalbritter tbh, this seems to be a consistent thing here among all PMs. And I can't quite do that, because the person that I can tell is the person we've been planning a surprise birthday for during that slot.

@al_kali @Bishop Yeah, we're pretty versed at the CYA. Our significant offenders are usually sales and program managers.

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