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When you get a "financial projections" excel sheet from someone and none of the numbers add up because

- some are pre-contingency and some are post
- some numbers are text and aren't picked up in formulas
- EVERY formula is enclosed in =SUM()


I did data migration work for months last year and the number formatting errors were egregious.

This trick works better than excel's built-in solutions:

also, when I used this technique I didn't use Paste Special to add 0.00 to the text numbers I wanted to convert. It also works by multiplying them by 1.
And I think that you should make sure the input value you copy from needs to be in the decimal format you want to convert to. So for dollar amounts, if you don't want to lose the cents, make sure the cell you copy from has two decimal places (1.00)

@Bishop this is why I have no faith in "excel" spreadsheets ever. You never know what is text or what is a formula. Fun for mushing shit around (manipulation) tho!

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