I recently had a discussion with someone who was parroting left wing talking points. It was easy to corner them with their own self contradictory bullshit.

Then they assumed I watched Fox News and said it was biased and dangerous. I corrected them (I don't) and then replied ALL media is biased, and Fox is LESS dangerous because the bias is so comically obvious. CNN and MSNBC are the most dangerous because most people don't even know how biased they are.

He lost his mind on that comment.


Let me guess how that conversation ended:

"They're not biased!"

"Like I said, most people don't even know. So there you have it."

I agree, great counter argument.

I would be insulted at first to be called 'dangerous' but then you realize the person staying that is scared, a sheep who's paradigm is being challenged.
@chris @Bishop

@Bishop Didn't Fox News once admit that they were entertainment first, and news second?
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