Ok, there is zero fucking chance Canada is properly tracking recovered CoVid.

Today we're at 66k recovered. We had 66k infected on May 7.

This used to be a 2-3 week gap, which makes sense for something that will either pass, or kill you within 2 weeks. Even 4 weeks, if somehow you test when you're asymptomatic.

But May 7 is 48 days ago. Almost 7 weeks.

They are not checking recovereds anywhere fast enough so they can capitalize on the panic.

@Bishop we've had zero cases here in NS for two weeks (knock on wood)

@Bishop TBH everyone did a good job of staying home, for the most part.

@banjomanjeff tbh, it just isn't that serious, unless you're old. Even then, mostly for people in long term care centres, with VERY poor pandemic response plans and hygiene practices.

There's a LTC facility in the GTA for elderly of wealthy families, and they've had zero cases (while most other have at least had cases and many had multi-deaths).

But really, mostly media hype and crooked reporting. All numbers are "With" CoVid, not "From" CoVid.

@Bishop more than 50% of the deaths and cases in the province were at long term health facilities...

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