I find it hilarious that anyone thinks democracy = freedom.

Wrong. Democracy = handing over your freedoms to (potentially different) idiots for 4 years at a time.

Libertarianism = freedom. Decentralize government!

@Bishop Shut up, slave. The Libertarianism party is not available on any ballot. 🤔

@Bishop libertarianism gives you many rights such as the right to be oppressed by those with more money

@tuxcrafting @Bishop Hah, really? Because it seems like the Democracy we have now is about people with money buying corrupt politicians.

Libertarianism removes the politicians and the power they have to control you. Your statement makes less than zero sense.

@tuxcrafting @Bishop That’s not an argument. Its a weak, snarky attempt to move the goal posts.

@tuxcrafting this is the latest argument I've been hearing. Where did you get this talking point?

Also, I refer to @shebang - they had the right answer.

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