Some dude posted his Netflix watching days on Reddit. He averages like 2 hours a day watching TV.

Who has that kind of fucking time to waste?

After 8hr of work, 8hr of sleep, 1-2hr of eating/food prep, 1hr of gym, and 2-3hrs of miscellaneous maintenance shit (showering, chores, etc) and and 2-3 hrs of socializing/smashing, I'm already overloaded.


Is this why people like the downtown life of working 10-12 hrs, being on call 24/7, living in a shitty condo and ordering in/eating out all their food? To watch more Netflix?

@Bishop I work 12 hour shifts, but I get more days off. So I really only work about 15 days a month, because while I sometimes work weekends, every day that I work I get that day off next week. Its pretty rad, honestly. The long days suck ass though, I really only have time to eat and sleep those days.

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