@Bishop I have the same difficulties when I bring my vehicle to the mechanics; they always insist on putting car parts in it even though I identify it as a truck.

Where are all the people? Shouldn't they be out marching that -shaming is , and that viruses just stop spreading because viruses killing people is wrong?

Excerpt from young Trudeau’s latest speech cc @Bishop @coldacid @OVDB all you lovable Canucks out there β€˜c’mon bro”

@jennifer @MoeFactz @adam I have also been thinking that Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry may be a gateway drug for some woke, but TDS-crazed friends. (The cognitive dissonance might kill them, but I think it's well worth the risk.)

πŸ” John C. Dvorak Retweeted:
Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter

In NYC, the USNS Comfort hospital ship and Javits Center emergency hospital are still largely empty.

Maybe we can convert them into unemployment offices. twitter.com/THErealDVORAK/stat

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the enemy is not really significant: "It's always one bloody war after another, and one knows the news is all lies anyway."Β 

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I suppose the upside of CoVid is I can rock my Sub-Zero costume on the regular and no one will bat an eye..

Good quote: "I need privacy, not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

Just wait. When the CoVid numbers get better, the next narrative will be:

"This is the most dangerous time. People will get overconfident about beating it and will want to enjoy the nice weather. Now it's MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER! Stay inside, slaves!"

@Bishop Bringong reality back into-focus:

Medical schools & medical conditions only l
Know 2 genders, not 47.

Enjoy your delusions, "nkn-binary" freakjobs.

Wow. Being able to get angry about this type of bullshit is the definition of privlege...

Also, I guess biology won this argument. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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