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Also, want to add as a votable

Sir Cumstances beyond my control

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Thinking about knighthood. I have a few name options if I do it:

- Sir Vixx of the infinite void

- Sir Cumvention of due process

- Sir Viss-Goat of the Karma Kingdom

- Sir Up of the Golden Maples

- Sir Mon of the great JCD

- Sir Plus of $1000

- Sir Rounded by the idiots

- Sir Valence of the police state

- Sir Render of fundamental rights

Please vote by hashtag. Tusky doesn't do polls. πŸ˜’

2019: We cancel comedians for making insensitive jokes, but it's totally okay for the Prime Minister of Canada to have a collection of blackface outfits.

DC Area No Agenda peeps, Meetup this Sunday.

(and if you are a resident of VA there will be someone on site to register you to vote or help you update your info!)


Went to Chick-Fil-A tonite here in Wisco... surprisingly no protests @Bishop πŸ€”

Candinavian Toronto in full swing. Chick-fil-A was delish. An OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!

I have the day off today. The fighters have been scrambled and there's memes inbound

Official sandwich of the NA Meetup in Toronto. Sir Dwight the Knight isn’t convinced.

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Gaetz reads back Sharpton's racist statements:

Gaetz: "Have you ever referred to African Americans that disagreed with you as β€˜cocktail-sip negroes’?”

Reverend Al Sharpton: "I have."

In case you missed it, ProtonMail #Android now lets you access multiple accounts from your Android device. No more logging in and out of your different accounts. With multi-account support, you can manage all your communications on the go. Read more here:

Comments for my highest rated photo. Says a lot about what people like vs what they think they like. (The version with the girl cut out ranked half a standard deviation lower.)

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