A man born in 1843 being interviewed in 1941 about life in the wild west. Incredibly sharp for 98 years old.


Merry Christmas to everybody in No Agenda Nation! 🎅 🎄

Leave it to Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Peter Serafinowicz to come up with an original Trump joke in an endless sea of lame attempts at humor. Using “deep fake” tech to do something fun.

I think the most important part though is at the end, which is a comment on advertising censorship that John and Adam make constantly.


Value for value for the win.

@adam @Johncdvorak

Hey ladies...! No idea where I got this pin but it's going with my NA collection

If any of you don't listen to Moe Factz with Adam Curry, consider doing so. This episode is especially good. It is about gun ownership among black Americans.
I went to the range the other night and most of the people there were black. In Charlotte. I Iiked seeing it. And I've never seen that before.
Things are changing, 2A is on the rise.
Learning about this particular part of that growth is really interesting.
It's just a great podcast, too!
@adam @MoeFactz 💯


Thank you, Sir Boiled Peanuts!!
❤️ 🥜 ❤️


@bylcameron @bowduh thank you for your courage, gentlemen! what a great meetup!

People are starting to leave, but this is the faithful remnant. Great time tonight in the Carolina Piedmont w No Agenda.

My Carolinians, stay woke!

@adam Here's the audio from the Charlotte Meet Up. 6 attendees, great time!
[email protected] gave me a bounce back.
[email protected] went through.

Dearest Mary-Becky,

In the throws of battling our latest enemy, several likeminded thinkers held a small WWIII cease-fire last night in Charlotte, NC here in war-torn America.
We discussed tissue shortages, fasting, places we have traveled, & stories about Wokeness in our circles of friends suffering large Amygdala.
We exchanged gifts, enjoyed a rare handshake, and went our separate ways after someone shouted “last call!”

Yours eternally,


Killer No Agenda euro style stickers from @Haymoose at the Charlotte Meet Up! Now on my car and laptop... TYFYC!

Man, who else is as excited as I am for this Friday’s in ??

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