well so far is looks pretty normal except the crowd size.

What’s up with Tim Pool? That title seems like he’s trying to set himself up for a meme where he looks totally shocked. youtu.be/KMqOt_h01Qk

Trump wants last mover advantage, tomorrow is the last day...

Will Biden be president tomorrow?

@adam don’t forget the mainstream keeps talking about deep fakes so they’ll have some reason to doubt for all the libtards out there, when the truth videos come out.

It’s like the show is all of a sudden trying to fight its’ own thesis...

I hope @adam nails John about his "They never tried Tin-Tin in America" comment, even though they tried it with Steven Spielberg directing and Peter Jackson producing a $135 million dollar 3D movie.

If Q is bullshit why are they trying so hard to censor it?

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