I think there's some favoritism going on with the cover selection. @NICKtheRAT's cover was selected as the episode art work and @adam and @Johncdvorak have been selecting the same artists again and again. You can barely make out the Karen face in @NICKtheRAT's entry.

@adam @Johncdvorak both the Karen’s have the same last name in the black man white woman thing.

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@adam the man and woman in that Central Park clip both have the same last name. @Johncdvorak random number theory....

@adam @Johncdvorak I present to you my show cover Guernica: Black Floyd. The colorway of the race simplification gradient is based on the tri-racial emoji in Greta Thunberg's globalist tweet. twitter.com/GretaThunberg/stat

If you guys really want the protests to go on for a while, make sure you have plenty of food trucks and hotdog carts near by.

@adam's favorite new jackboot on your face forever is a Alex Jones quote he said all the time.

I think @Johncdvorak's anti Q stance is just like his anti-Apple stance. He knows if he poo-poos Q the Q fanboys (like me) will go mental and make him more popular. youtu.be/NMQv0j29WHA

@adam @Johncdvorak General says 800 people are behind Q but Q says:

“Be careful who you follow.”
“Less than 10”
“No outside comms”

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