So the girls get the coof & Giga-fucking- chad @occomyanmar comes through with 2 Ziverdo kits for them (no charge, but donation in that name coming) AND packs in some NA stickers and seals the pack with a knight ring wax seal even! I am fucking floored lol! @adam @Johncdvorak @Dan_Ramos @NoBeret Sing this account's selflessness loud & proud. We are the best fucking tribe. Thank you.

@BillHartnett @occomyanmar @adam @Johncdvorak @NoBeret

Holy moly! Rock on, @occomyanmar ! Massive thanks for helping out a fellow producer like that! Lifesaver--maybe even literally!

@Dan_Ramos @occomyanmar @adam @Johncdvorak @NoBeret The girls are doing much better today is all I can say. So thank you. I can't lose her.

@BillHartnett @Dan_Ramos @occomyanmar @adam @Johncdvorak @NoBeret

I had this crap in mid-July and my cousin's husband gave me one of his Ziverdo Kits. I started feeling better in six hours after the first dose and tested negative by day five. It works.

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