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Non political throwback post. When I was a kid, I loved the book "David and the Phoenix". Not sure how it came up to me today, but I looked and it's free on Kindle. Here's a link if you have any interest.

Confirmed: At Least 20 Undercover FBI and ATF Were Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6 Along with Several Undercover Capitol Police Agents

Veteran and former Green Beret Jeremy Brown (on right) and the FBI agents who came to his home to recruit him as an operative

Quick interview with the business owner that tackled scumbag robber.

I get that this isn't funny, but that's why it's funny. I mean, if the government was gonna lock me up in a store, IKEA is the place to be! I'd head over the the best bedroom display and plant a freaking flag like "I guess I live here now! Garcon! Send over some meatballs & fizzy water and make it snappy!"

Tim & the gang are REALLY sending it on the French dog fuckers in the after show... LOL 😂 🤣 😂

Anyone got that pic of the cheese puffs with the cricket flower in them handy? I went back like 5 hours in the timeline & couldn't find it again.

Los Angeles: Transient sucker punches elderly customer eating lunch alone at a cafe in Hollywood, steals his wallet and phone. Hero steps up and takes the thief down.

So.. I hadda get an "official" COVID test for work so I can get the 80 hours supplemental sick time we are promised here in CA. I took the test Friday evening at a CVS. (not bad) NOW I got the LA Department of health sending me text messages telling me I have to stay home. (duh.) and telling me to fill out some online survey. Fuck off. Thanks for HR not taking a home test I'm now on some list. FML.

I always wondered how burst fire worked... Nice Animation of AR functions. Most of it's pretty basic, but the sear part was interesting.

Elijah can be a bit much, but he does have Kari Lake on today. I've started the vid at her coming on so you can skip the first 7 minutes of nonsense.

Someone hit this ring this morning & I was asleep. Wife didn't answer the door. Anyone ever hear of a "Social Distancing Captain" coming to their door? Back of his shirt said "STAFF" in big letters. WTF is this shit?

I know he's busy getting the show ready to post now, but just wanted to put it out there now before I forgot.

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