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Found a neat site that lists different tool sales from around the web a few times a day. Just picked up a really nice set of end connector crimpers for $7 after the code. @NoBeret and anyone that likes tools. They somehow made it on my youtube timeline so that's how I found them.

"The feds instructed Trump’s representatives to switch off the security cameras but they refused." This could get spicy.

Well it's been a while so just to paraphrase Bullalo Bill from the movie "It takes the Huxley or it gets the Orwell again"

Thinking @NoBeret will get in on at least some of this to help the shop.

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If this "featuring" list is not enough to get you to watch it, I don't know what is.. lol

Larry Elder produced movie is free to stream for the next 18 days in preparation for the sequel. It's almost 2 hours, so I just started it, but wanted to share it with the group. Don't know if @MoeFactz has seen it or not or if it's BS, but I'll find out I guess.

Forgot this was yesterday.. I hope you like French.. lol I only found French & Japanese versions. There are English parts though. If you know Japanese there's a full 10 hours video of the race on YouTube. I LOVE Suzuka.. It's one of my favorite tracks.

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