So after the past few years with Obama, BLM and other such groups I find myself moved to action. I can no longer in good conscience support anyone political party or group that is responsible for so many black men’s death. Therefore I will be taking a knee during the Black National Anthem until further notice.

Ok can we talk about the elephant in the room about abortion? Who is this Wade guy? Is he pulling all the strings here? What did he know and when did he know it?

Does anyone know which beach that former vice president Biden was on in World War 2?

Biden’s campaign slogan for 2024: We fuck up more shit by 9am than most administrations do in 4 years.

I wonder why mass shootings never happen at anti-gun rallys.

If Socialism is so great, why didn’t Germany adopt it?

Anyone use Decibullz for ear protection while shooting?

Anyone have a travel trailer? I am interested in the pros and cons.

Im so glad Disney news is covering Jantember 6th. I think season 2 will be 🔥 .

America is the most dangerous country on the planet according to Disney news.

Ok so here me out. We need a place online where we can all come together and talk without censorship. Something social if you will

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