So now we know what an Oprah presidency would be like: you get a test! And you get a mask! And you get a check!! Woohooo!!!! Ain’t free stuff great?!?

Joe Rogan just said that Obama was the greatest president in modern times. I am assuming his idea of modern times only includes 2009-2017.

I dumped Amazon Prime. Not going to financially support a company who wants to destroy my country

For me the January 6th riot was just like when the angel of death took all the first born males in Egypt. That also seems to be the closest example of the impact of January 6th

Looking at the Law School admissions process around Moral Character and thinking I will have a lot of explaining to do.

I will be sponsoring a reverse abortion bill. If your parents have gotten in the way of your dreams or forced you to take responsibility for your actions then you will legally be allowed to abort your parents. If the doctor detects a non Democrat voter registration card he or she will not be allowed to perform the procedure. Abortions will be allowed until the 10,000 trimester.

What this is really saying is that there is a version of our future where no one judges our behavior

If you've been thinking about giving the gift of a hand-customized travel mug (tumbler) for Christmas, the time to make your move is Now!

Cutoff for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is tomorrow.

go to:
Use code: ITM at checkout for 10% off

You know you want one! 😁

In fairness to the piece of shit that is the Wheel of Time series on Amazon, I tried to do 4 episodes. Gay Warders was it. I fucking told y’all it was going to be garbage.

I now support Black Lives Matter. When do we hit MLK blvd to riot?

In this season of giving thanks, I think its important to remember the sacrifices that Ghandi made for the Pilgrims. If he had not fasted while they ate turkey then the Pilgrims would not have had the energy to burn women, run the Spanish Inquisition and enslave people.

Sqaw is an Algonquian word for woman. Clearly this is fucking racist you assholes. You know or not. Whatever.

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