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In the FBI FOIA for JFK Jr, page 155 of the pdf for the plot to kidnap JFK Jr includes a letter from JFK Jr to then Senator Joseph Biden calling Biden a Traitor.

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Medical Malpractice for a Failure to Obtain Informed Consent

A failure to obtain informed consent can create substantial liability for a physician or practice, including a lawsuit which alleges that the provider failed to obtain legally sufficient informed consent – a form of medical malpractice in many jurisdictions.

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Are you pissed off that the election was stolen?

Take a lesson from Smedley Buttler, one of the most decorated Marines in the history of the U.S.

There was a plot by people such as Prescott Bush (George H.W. Bush's father) to overthrow F.D.R.



Take an hour of your life to read his book 'War is a racket' or listen to the audio book.

Robber Barrons overthrowing our Government is not new.

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People who think that pedophiles are not the reason that we fight this fight, are not paying attention enough.

The virus is a make believe story by pedophiles.
The election was stolen by pedophiles.
The real danger to this Nation and World, is pedophiles.

Most of the pedophiles are abuse victims that grow up to become pedophiles to take a version of control back into their own life.

Some break the chains and choose to fight instead.

Wake up!

If anyone thinks the California Recall will be legit. It won’t. How do I know? I moved almost two years ago and apparently someone received a unsolicited ballot in my name & voted. I will be filling a criminal report later this morning!

You rarely hear about DOCTORS needing to be vaxxed do ya?

Why is it always the nurses?

Even John (JCD) doesn't see it!
We, you, them are all in this mess together.
US, Australia & Sweden are sharing this rock with a twisted globalist machine that doesn't hide it's extreme prejudice.
Coom by ahh, we're all in this mess together so let's all hold hands & share a secret!

NEW - Dr. Fauci: Proof of vaccination or negative test for domestic travel within the U.S. "is on the table for discussion."

Mets and Yankees fans find something to unite around.

🎶 Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?

Hey Joe, where you going with those bloody hands? 🎶

Tonight! Episode 62 of Behind The Sch3m3s!

You melt my steel beams with your jet fuel.
You melt me. Melt me right up.

We /me claps are /me claps fucking /me claps
LIVE! NWO!! Er...NOW!!!
Listen Here

Come get some in the chats!
Play with Gal!
Thanks @dowodenum!!!

SCR33M for @lavish
Or leave a voicemail!
(612) 663-7999 (SXXY)

@BigSkyRider wakey, wakey, Cali! Time to get up! You’re already running late! No more snooze button. Gotta get going!

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