I utilized firearms this week in a recreational capacity. Everyone should do that at least once. Especially those ignorant a-holes who think they should be banned.

"This is how it works: you get a spy job, you get clearance, you can't talk to people…now, all of a sudden, it's like my First Amendment right has been taken away because I don't have any clearance? You still can't talk to people!" — @adam 1061

"To me this is suicidal, going crazy, seemingly aware doing nutty stuff, yet able to function completely. To me, [it has] Chantix written all over it!" — @adam 1059

@Genen I don't either so I understand your hesitation. I think Mastodon has potential for sure but it's still a ways off from being the centralized hub of everything. That said, it and other open platforms for blogging, social networking and other tasks are leading us toward a decentralized future. If anything, I think that should be supported.

@temporaryDouchebag This is fantastic. Friedman's "The Next 100 Years," published in 2009, matches up with a lot of NA thinking and should be on the reading list if it's not.

Dear mastodon.social users in particular:

You probably can't read this unless it was boosted by someone who isn't from a blocked instance. Your admin blocks shitposter.club, so you will never see posts like this on your global timeline.

If you left twitter to avoid people fucking with your timelines without your permission, you have joined the wrong instance. mastodon.social blocks many instances on the fediverse for arbitrary reasons. There is no list of instances available because your host doesn't respect you and thinks you don't need to know what is being hidden from you.

There are two mastodon instances I know of with good admins who don't decide what you are allowed to see or interact with. Try noagendasocial.com (run by Adam Curry) or niu.moe (run by @technowix) or try a pleroma instance like pleroma.site (run by @kaniini)

Come to the free side of the fediverse.

"There is no journalism in the EU. Well, there is, but it's a lot of copy-paste work and just translating. And why wouldn't you? You're up nice and early, compared to the US, you got the overnight stories, boom, it's good for a whole news cycle. Ok, time for coffee!" — @adam 1061

“Just because somebody’s diverse doesn’t mean they’re any good. The Democrats will try to make it seem so.” — @Johncdvorak 980

For those of you new to social networks (or never really got value from them), here is my tested advice:

Cultivate the network that makes you smarter. Engage with people who post interesting things. Share things back that you think they might like.

If you want it in 10 steps:

1 • Be human.
2 • Be humane.
3 • Be yourself.
4 • Be interesting.
5 • Be brief.
6 • Share.
7 • Laugh.
8 • Listen.
9 • Learn.
10 • Repeat.

And Boost this if you like it.

@adamzbucki Indeed. On the surface, they're fairly similar. Peer underneath and things are quite different.

I figured I should get my first toot out of the way. Thanks to @adam for turning me on to this whole Mastodon concept and giving us producers a place to interact.

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