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So while I'm here I have a question about the visibility of replies to other posts.
Is it normal that my replies to existing threads to show up as individual posts on the main content feed?
Do I just see them? Or does everyone see every reply I make as a new post?
I suppose it doesn't matter either way but I'm still curious.

I've never been happier with a slave slab as I am with my Graphene OS'd Pixel 4a.
Thanks Obam... uhh @adam

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The people making horse medicine jokes are the ones who took an injection that didn't pass animal trials.

I also found out today as I prepared for this adventure, would you believe it, I do not own a single, standard USB A cable.
Also after some investigation on one of my favorite apps, FlightRadar24, will not work on it without G**gle Play Services.
Big time bummer.

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I got a Google Pixel 4a today and noagendaphone.com is currently down.
Oh the irony.
Luckily archive.org has all the info but I thought I'd put it out there that the site is down. If anyone knows who this info should be passed along to, please do so.
That is all.

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Basil is back, and ep. 375 goin' LIVE! Today, SALINE SERPENT SEED! Meet Delta the robot, Terminator goes tyrannical, plenty of Waccine Updates, saline solution, Newsom and Nancy, Q inspired murders, and MORE!
Watch, Listen, Subscribe: canarycry.party/

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@sizzletron Nothing says you won an election like criminalizing an audit.

So, it would appear that I made it onto no agenda social...
And I'm in under the pre10K "cut off"?
I'm obviously new here.
Can anyone confirm?
Is this thing on...

No Agenda Social

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