#Idaho "Planning a statewide lockdown? Reacting to Biden's code words? #WeWillNotComply!

Netflix subscription cancellations skyrocket after ‘Cuties’ backlash

"The streaming service has watched subscription cancellations skyrocket by 800% after the French coming-of-age film triggered a boycott in early September, analyses show."


George Carlin's ghost will just be masturbating the polls riiiiiiight?

@wjmaggos @Baron_Rotterdam @MartinJJ no not need on existing data. The 2017/18 flu and previous years are higher.
They are no more expected deaths

#HuntersLapTop has evidence of 30 years of #CrookedJoeBiden using his son as his bagman.

According to Hunter’s text he paid expenses for Family and gave half the money to Pop for 30 years.

Iraq, Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan and more...

$40 million and rising twitter.com/RudyGiuliani/statu #Biden #China #Giuliani #Iraq #Kazakhstan #Romania #Russia #Ukraine

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

I hope all of my conservative friends over in the Good ol' U. S. of A have stockpiled plenty of ammo, because something tells me regardless of who wins in 9 days time you're gonna need it.

Don't let them cuck you like the brits and the Aussies did.

Cold, dead hands remember.

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