So the killing spree in Georgia is a racism thing? My immediate impression what that it was an anti-sexworker thing.... which is a missed opportunity to call for protections on sex workers. However, since penalties are stiffer (no pun intended) on hate crime, law enforcement may just be piling on charges.

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Time to cancel the Cap’n and the racist imperialism he represents.

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Know what a Mask-hole hates more than COViD? Being wrong. And anytime a non-Maskhole gets to walk around without a mask and doesn’t get COViD and die a miserable death they have to admit their premise is flawed.

Irony: Surviving the entire pandemic as a “front line medical worker” without ever getting sick only to completely destroyed for three days by the vaccine.

My wife’s arm. One week post jab. “Delayed allergic reaction”. Usually one would expect this to happen right away. And the second dose? “We haven’t seen anyone who had the second dose yet....”

My nine year old son woke up screaming last night. Nightmare. Said that Army guys were in our neighborhood rounding people up into camps. Tried to get him and his friends but they escaped.
I think tonight I’ll counter the daily school district propaganda with a healthy dose of Red Dawn (the original, not the crappy North Korea one).

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Something just doesn’t sound right about that. But also, it seems like it will take a really long time to read all these disclosures. But also, this is a “condition of employment” and I like to eat and take care of my family and stuff.

It’s a tragedy when a person dies in the line of duty. But then how does he provide his own photo to abc news?

Clarissa Ward, CNN: “Democracy must be withheld”

NPR is fucking it up again. This is spun like it’s some sort of EMS apocalypse even though this has been best practice in EMS for YEARS now.

COVID is awesome! The restrictions keep the traffic down on I70 and there are only half the regular number of assholes on the ski slopes. This is like living in the world where Thanos snapped. It’s great!

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Fucking millennials, man. We have four of them staying in our AirBnB.
First, they were caught on camera smoking weed, at 12:30am saying loudly "I think we're finally out of weed!"
Then, they went into our forest and came back with handfuls of mushrooms.
And I just observed them raiding the flower bed. I presume they're eating the plants.
And to top it all off... They're from Portland. 😆

Baking is cathartic. Gluten isn’t as bad as the tv says. Yeast make great pets.

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