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Most likely because they have had their finger on the end of the scale long enough that to them its proof without having to do ANY actual scientific work to prove otherwise.

No mention on if its the lack of work from the BLM because their funding got ripped away... its just fact now.

@AdamAtSea I think I might sway more towards severely lost.

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal

I don't know Greta, maybe you should stick to the swedish meatballs.

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ITALY: CONFIRMED BY ITALIAN HEALTH SERVICE: False positives to Covid19 test as diagnosis are 95%. Legal cases started against testing under charges of fraud to procure public funding, false alarm, ideological false, and manslaughter.

@Klaatu ah scanners the classic movie where the made a head explode by shooting it in the back of the head with a 12 gauge. XD

@HiroProtagonist kind of makes you wonder if it was some foreshadowing for millennial whining.

@SirDHSlammer that's some big dick Lego energy there ready and waiting to thrust into your foot.

@HiroProtagonist for how I hated him for not letting me go to the Tashi station to get the power converters.

@Klaatu @darrenoneill @coldacid

But if they would like to go through a different option to be able to accomplish that then Berry boot would be the way to go if they haven't tried that already the second Post in this thread on the link should give you the instructions of how to do that.

You're welcome for me finding this even though people want to act immature so have a good evening.

@Klaatu @darrenoneill @coldacid the reason why it would have to be on a second SD card is that retropie is installed on top of a very minimal install of raspbian and would overwrite the original raspbian install and boot sectors which would make everything useless at that point.

@Klaatu @darrenoneill @coldacid simple answer, it'll take a second SD card but I'm pretty sure that he said that he didn't want to do that. So the options are limited and trying to pull something off like that with how it's all designed isn't going to work.

I know that they wanted to have it as a dual boot situation to where they would reboot the raspberry pi and they could choose to boot into retropie or raspbian, but last I checked retropie doesn't come as an installer on noobs or Berryboot.

@Klaatu @darrenoneill @coldacid but if anybody really wants to figure any of this out there's this page to look into.

But I really don't know if cold acid is really going to listen after all this because it was them that wanted to run it side by side as if it was an operating system and it was then that said that.

So don't think that I'm putting words into other people's mouths I'm only going off the information I was given.

@Klaatu @darrenoneill @coldacid if everybody is going to go off the deep end like this and react in a foul manner then feel free to mute me.

if you're wanting to run it in a different instance then install a separate instance of raspbian and install retropie on that and leave it at that.

not really sure why people get so fucking triggered but if that's how people are going to react that's not my problem if people were going to threaten to mute me.

@teslanaut that's a hell of a collection and I am very intrigued now. XD

also if anybody might know where this pin came from then you know the inside story.

@SirSpencer @bylcameron a different group that I had posted that picture to his suggested the very same thing. Lol

@cbbdidlq I'm trying out no script right now on my phone and it seems to be pretty good.

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