Another reason why I like using blacada whenever I'm not using my regular VPN because I can see what's being blocked here on a widget on top of my phone. Super handy to have.

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I was doing some research and looking up in some of the forms for the signal SMS messenger for any requests for a whitelist and a blacklist based on your contacts.

I really do think that this would be a feature that would be amazing to have in the signal application given that there's so many others that have it naturally already.

A whitelist based on who's in your contacts is the goal. Here's a signal boost to the signal app developers to add that in.

George Carlin - You're a loser 

All this because of that self esteem movement.

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal

I don't know Greta, maybe you should stick to the swedish meatballs.

Again some good things to use on your browser to obfuscate things like your fonts and other different settings is to go about using tools to obfuscate yourself and here are some good select ones that I've been using and having very good luck with.

The pictures do not do it justice but so far it is a pretty cool looking watch.

I can happily confirm that I am now the renter of a 10 ft by 10 ft storage space and I have a beautiful view the mountains.

For the price of $93 a month it is not a bad deal.

I just had someone freak out about me print my noodles in the microwave for 3 minutes.

I just stared at her and said it's fine.

How fucking brain dead are Californians going to get before I move? It's like the closer to anything big in my life, shit gets crazy to do anything to derail my plans.

Fuck off! I'm leaving the state so you tards can be crazy without me! I want nothing of it!

The Bemrose Brothers, out in the woods cutting down trees hitting dogs with wiffle ball bats and drinking beer.

@darrenoneill, why isn't there more does like this?! Is have a beer and a chuckle if I wasn't at work. XD

I can see this being adapted to something NA related. XD

Copying over the entirety of onto the iPod right now. Quality listening while standing around bitching at how fucking STUPID people are being. Even moreso in 2020!

Fuck california. I'm out at the end of the year.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose

Whenever somebody says Dominion, this is what comes to mind, not voting machines. Then again there was a war on either side so they could be one in the same.

But it seems whenever you put in Dominion voting machine it actually comes up with actual voting machines.

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Wow, tried looking up Dominion machine on eBay and the first thing I find is this.

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