A way to watch youtube without stinking ads and privacy.

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@IcyGrillz You can use NewPipe through the f-droid app system. Pretty much the same thing.

@IcyGrillz No problem. It even has the feature of playing videos in the background while your screen is off.

I was able to have a bigclivelive video playing on my phone with the screen off while I worked on detailing my car. Fucking handy feature.

@AzurusNova u know if links shared from it populate the description on ?

@AzurusNova frig it runs smooth... best youtube ive used on my phone

@IcyGrillz Oh yeah. *imaginary cool shades drop down*

@IcyGrillz Did you also notice the download feature? It's how I get the music for the song recommendations I post once in a while.

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