First taken off the Google play store and now a take down notice for .

Next they will be coming for your operating system. Don't let them have it!

@AzurusNova What you wanna bet it's to stop people from downloading the videos they want to censor and hide? Like Shadowgate.

@Evenkeeld Microsoft is already embracing linux.

Have people forgotten the time when Microsoft called linux a virus?

@AzurusNova I think this is baby steps for MS to eventually put out a Linux based Windows or have their apps everywhere. It won't stop the roll your own crowd BUT Google could block access to iso etc in Chrome.

@Evenkeeld It will when they incorperate thr kernal into their mainline OS and then turn on all the people using the kernal that isnt in line with what their specs should be.

@Evenkeeld All we are waiting on is the Extend and Extinguish portion now.

@Klaatu Making a copy of the disks and keeping one in the car.

Need to get my lineage phone up and running...

Fuck google. There needs to be some sort of movement to destroy that company once and for all. If I had a nuke I'd do it right now.

@wishgranter14 Interesting thing is this wasnt google from what I remember, I could be wrong.

It was a DMCA takedown order from the RIAA.

Yea, the article says it was the RIAA. I just reacted to the headline.


*all said in an echoy gospel like tone*

Well, I want google to die, regardless of what they did or didn't do about youtube-dl.

@wishgranter14 Fair enough. Theres NewPipe for android, theres FreeTube for everything else. I think you can find the links to each in my feeds.

@gopiandcode @wishgranter14 I got my servers, so now I just need to GTFO at the end of the year.

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