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@AzurusNova I'm trying to make an android tv on a pi4. I got an os installed on it, but the instructions dont match the interface. Let me know how your build goes.

Is there anybody out there that's familiar with running Android on a raspberry pi 3B Plus and being able to remote into it through VNC to be able to get a full screen of the Android OS running on it from a different system?

My idea that I have is to have an Android raspberry pi box running with my Android apps that I want to run on it but to be able to remote into it as a headless unit.

One of the reporting officers just reported back that he had shot himself through the back of the hand and walk across the water but sunk several times. Rofl!

This is too funny.

Holy crap that Indianapolis scanner just reported a guy shot himself in the head while cleaning his gun.

As things progressed it seems that a lot of people are drinking during the midday and having quite the fucking party.

Don't know if anybody caught the bit about the drunk Hispanic woman throwing furniture off the balcony and sounding quite pissed off but something exciting is happening every couple minutes or so.

Strange way of schadenfreude but this one's more active than the one of my area of Nevada.

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There's a lot of shit happening over in Indianapolis right now if anybody wants to tune in.

I'm listening to "Indianapolis Metropolitan Police" using the Scanner Radio app, you can listen to it by going to

That Dell poweredge 2950 gen 3 now has its nice little home on the rails.

I don't think too many people out there remember this gem back when Windows 7 first came out. XD

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Even more interesting stuff whenever you find out there's one for San Antonio Texas!

Let's see if there's anything interesting going on here in Adams neck of the woods.

I'm listening to "San Antonio and Bexar County Law Enforcement" using the Scanner Radio app, you can listen to it by going to

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A recruiter for oil and gas corporations recently gave an ominous warning on Tik Tok, claiming that these big companies are mysteriously preparing to replace their vaccinated employees within three years.

Holy shit there's something going down in Indianapolis right now!

I'm listening to "Indianapolis Metropolitan Police" using the Scanner Radio app, you can listen to it by going to

Testing out a feature here on this police scanner app and so far I'm fairly impressed.

Also going to have it running while I'm on duty on my graveyard shift and it kind of keeps me up to date to what's going on around me and it's interesting to hear what's going on as well.

I'm listening to "Lyon County Dispatch (Sheriff and Fire)" using the Scanner Radio app, you can listen to it by going to

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@AzurusNova if you want Bitcoin to get off your lawn, just say so 😅

And I even think that the US currency is bullshit but it's been around a lot longer and actually at one point had something back in it when cryptocurrency started out from absolutely nothing and is not really contributing to anything that I can see worthwhile other than people's animalistic adherence to something just because it's popular.

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I can't use it for fuck all and it is going to waste more time and more money that I have to invest into something that has not proven itself to be viable to pay my rent or to pay for food or to be accepted in all places like the US currency is.

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I've never seen any value in it and I've never believed it and yet I still have people saying that I should get into cryptocurrency when nobody has been able to show me what the end all be all value is at the end of the day.

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So whatever it comes down to showing what you got at the end of the day whenever it comes to any of these cryptocurrencies then whenever it comes to the end all be all and you have everybody take out the value of what they have cryptocurrency wise they'll actually have zero of anything to show for it.

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I may be the fucking weird one here whenever it comes to the whole cryptocurrency thing but the way I see it is that the whole thing was started as a joke to show that it is just as valid as the American currency because there's absolutely fuck all the back it up.

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