@Autumn BRUH!! I would've sacrificed my kids' inheritance to keep the house on the left with the tower!

@Autumn so sad to see all those beautiful old buildings are gone😱

@Autumn That is the Midtown Area, which became very popular with the amount of college students that go to Wayne State University the last few years in that area. That would be the "Brush Park" area. Here is what it looks like now. google.com/maps/@42.3434078,-8

@Autumn Amazing, when we look back through the lens of time, we start to think they are erasing all the great individual accomplishments. In favor of a theoretical collective, didn't this start at the turn of the 20th Century ?


Detroit is the most prominent case in modern history that I've seen of urban retraction. It's fascinating and makes me think we should start tearing down more cities.

@Leyonhjelm White flight to the 'burbs -- tract houses. I prefer the unique houses built with care

@Leyonhjelm in certain cities they reclaimed / restored what they'd abandoned. Then there's the issue of gentrification

@Autumn most cities don't have the foresight to not knock down the good stuff in favour of generic high rises.

But you're right that gentrification helps.

@Leyonhjelm it's good and bad - sometimes it displaces entire communities in favor of the wealthy - no easy solution

@Autumn that seems entirely good. Without it you get slums and slumlords instead of renewal. With functional communities things rarely get bad enough to draw in gentrification.

Unless by communities you're euphemistically referring to a demographic

@Leyonhjelm poor people being pushed out - who have a thriving community & have been there when people fled is not cool - it can't be either/or but that's where we are...


I don't agree with your premise that they have a thriving community in most cases

@Leyonhjelm agree in many cases actually. but there are those that do - they are used to walking to their churches, barber shops, library, grocery stores, playgrounds, etc. totally lost when shipped off to the 'burbs


Now we are getting somewhere. How are they ending up in the 'burbs? First is by not owning their property and second is by eminent domain. Two very different problems and the second is a definite evil

@Leyonhjelm could have lost b/c property taxes increased? Also family members sold out under their elders? Agree eminent domain is evil. RIght now farmers losing land for new "carbon capture tunnel" scheme

@Autumn Beautiful. Tragic. We've really been sold out. Oh well, maybe they'll put up an Amazon warehouse. Progress.
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