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The government needs you to abort your children and get back to work. There's a war going on and the next round of financial aid to Ukraine is due.

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4 of July is my niece's birthday so she's had fireworks for years. But this year is extra special because she's getting married! Groomed to be gay by pedos in Vegas schools, went to NC & met a man and shrugged off the indoctrination

is it me does Sam's statement that

"To clarify, I am not a Biden appointee (despite what was reported) and instead serve as a career employee in the Senior Executive Service - I intend to be serving my country in this role through many many presidencies."

sound sinister - like now he's g'ment employee impossible to get rid of?

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!!?? surely this is fake news


NEW - From mid-2023, according to planned legislation in Germany, everyone over the age of 14 will be able to change their gender and first name once a year, the governing parties announced today.

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The Democrats are spending over $39 million to ensure Senator Ron Johnson, the only man in Congress shining a big spotlight on the vaccine injury bloodbath, doesn't get re-elected

totally gotten hooked on Viva and Barnes' "side show" vids - so informative and enjoyable -- someone the other day in a chat asked if they are spooks lol

fun fact: when we offer aid to poor counts it's very often "tied aid" ie a country who refuses abortions or the white man's medicine does not qualify. USAID is a killer organization

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Texas Sheriff Drives 4 Illegal Aliens to International Bridge, Deports Them


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