NO AGENDA PARTY TIME 🥳🥳🥳 👉 Stock up & show off if U dont wanna look like a medical patient when u go back to work, likely to be MANDATORY for some at this point 😷 already seeing reports of it

Store clerk: you can’t enter the store without a mask.

Me: I have a condition from military service that I’d rather not get into. Thank you though.

Walks in

Added bonus: they thank me for my service and I say, don’t thank me, it’s hell and we shouldn’t even be over there.

Turkey is poised to desecrate Hagia Sophia - again.

The Vatican is silent, of course.

Calling Peter the Hermit. We need you again now, buddy.

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@adam @Therealdvorak

Today I hit a personal goal. Through diet and exercise I have managed to shed 50 lbs since early February, so just shy of 5 months. I then promptly set another goal to lose another 20. I will continue until my health improves and I can be the best person I can be, both mentally and physically.

Just wanted to share.


@lain @Moon i saw her facebook post screenshot on twitter and them saw all the comments beneath it presumably mocking her that had been erased by the algo and felt like some mockery had been taken out of the world and wanted to bring balance to the force. not only are people dying, but any harsh lessons being learned from this event are being deleted automatically on websites to continue this carnival of death

/ Without followers, evil \
| cannot spread. |
| |
| -- Spock, "And The Children |
\ Shall Lead", stardate 5029.5 /
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

Cancel Culture is the ultimate tool of the participation-trophy kids, of those jobless, feckless thirty-somethings still living in their parents' basement, spouting activism into their social media bubble from behind a computer screen.

In a world where everything you have ever done can be used against you, who else to come out on top, but the person who has never done anything?

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Republicans have to get tougher, and I’m telling them all the time, because they’re sitting back. They want to be politically correct. They think it’s terrible to say something bad.

You can’t be politically correct anymore, because we’re really fighting something that’s very dangerous. -Donald Trump
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