@furgar based. He should get a parade and a speaking tour.

Suffering and working hard doesn't mean you're advancing towards your goal.

Devising treadmills to dissipate dissident energy is what the enemy system does best.

"The Chronicle’s Jack Epstein kept copies of letters he'd received from readers in the '70s buried in boxes that crowded his attic until a couple of weeks ago, when his wife insisted that he pare them down. Only then did he realize their significance."

"He found forgotten letters from the '70s in his attic. Turns out they were missives from the Unabomber"


Workplace is asking for vaxx status. This is before they give me free train tickets to my freedom camp, right?

I think the little dog just managed to catch/eat a sky raisin, based on the noises by the window.

She's pretty lazy/unmotivated, so it must have been near death.

They're the female equivalent of male incels.
Were you expecting a coherent reaction?

If you keep saving these retards from themselves and not letting them die of exposure etc, the news never gets back to Honduras that it's a dumb play to jump a border.

Occasionally I hangout at local dive bars (that’s actually my first go to place aside from distilleries). This is what’s happening around the city.

Tomorrow's dinner! Butchered three others today, I was doing a demo on killing and processing rabbits for some families at church this morning

@shebang @DotardTed @icedquinn @m00se Leftism and pedophilia go hand in hand, in my opinion. I don't think leftists are typically pedos or that pedos are typically leftists, necessarily - rather, I think it's more about methods. Pedos and leftists are both groups obsessed with many of the same methods - redefining words and getting into pointless semantic debates to distract from the real issues, subverting every possible cause to twist it into being about their pet issue, infesting any community that will give them even the slightest bit of leeway and attempting to turn it into a community dedicated solely to their cause, and so on. It's quite fascinating to see, imo. Due to both groups having a tendency to infest any sort of social justice or civil rights movement, they tend to have a lot of overlap, especially when it comes to LGBT movements.

Personally, I see pedophiles as being to leftism, as leftism is to everything else. Leftism is a cancer that invades important movements and corrupts them into useless, toxic waste that exists only to serve leftism, primarily through their concept of intersectionality. Pedophiles parasitize leftism in exactly the same way, they invade leftist intersectionality in an attempt to make it all about pedophilia. "You get what you fucking deserve", as they say.
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