Holy shit, Trump really is a fucking idiot! Retweet’s Larry the Cable Guy!

I finally ditched Chrome for Firefox on the advice of Steve Gibson. It was the correct decision.

Trump in an unguarded moment. Not only does he suffer from serious male pattern baldness, he looks just like Dvorak!

Beto is the man!

“Beto O’Rourke’s secret membership in America’s oldest hacking group”

Now, I want to know was he just a script kiddie or was he in the basement writing shellcode and kernel exploits in C?


It would be funny if Iran, North Korea, and Anonymous teamed-up to just fuck with Facebook.

No Agenda is completely obsessed with AOC. It’s not healthy.

Don’t forget your MyPillow when you ship out to Evangelical Boot Camp. Leave your weed, booze, and incorrect thoughts in the amnesty box. Anti-sex education begins at 0400 sharp.

Lol, I love it! Fucking a porn star and paying her hush money to keep quiet is a "family value" in the Republican Party.

“GOP Senator Mike Rounds: Trump Paid Hush Money to Stormy Daniels Because ‘the President Loves His Family”


Whoa, they went there! Democrats just mentioned referring Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) for criminal charges regarding his tweets threatening Michael Cohen.

Watching the Cohen hearing like I'm American

Dutch politics is a waste of time and brain cycles. EU politics is impossible to follow, not transparent at all.

America is not perfect, but by being open to all, it is an example to the West.

I do not believe that a United States of Europe would even get close.

For one simple reason: the US Constitution. The best document ever written.

Interestingly, Trump’s own lawyers are contradicting his border wall claims.

I never thought I’d see the day when the President of the United States would stoop down and kiss North Korean ass. I’m actually happy that my uncle, a Marine Corps infantryman and veteran of the Frozen Chosin, didn’t live long enough to see this.

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