Rosette Nebula captured from my house with a 61mm F/4.5 telescope and a color camera. Only about an hour and a half of time collected on this and it turned out to be one of my favorites.

All this talk on the show about astroids heading our way. Astronomers, amateur and professional, have been keeping track of them for a while.

Currently there are 2239 potentially hazardous rocks and the number is growing.

Look at the bottom of the spaceweather page to see what's flying by today.

Just did a last minute run to the grocery store before they're closed for the holiday. $0.49 per pound for frozen turkey and lots of them. Maybe that shortage was a planed?

The truth comes out. It was the FBI the whole time. Posted on Bee. I repost too much of their stuff.

It's clear now where the Bee finds all their stuff. It's all true in the next dimension.

ITM y'all! I am only 12 subscribers from 12K on the Animated No Agenda YouBoob channel.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. . .I know I shouldn't give two hoots about YouBoob, but it seems like a nice milestone to cross before the show's 14th anniversary.

If you haven't yet subscribed, I would so appreciate it!


I guess they started 3rd vax doses? I'm starting to see a bunch of selfies with people getting them.

Stay safe. This was in front of the building I work in this morning.

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