Where can I get my COVID antibody positive band?

How to tell a large amygdala individual from a shrunken one.
Tell them you have the Silent killer boomer remover ccp virus, judge their reaction accordingly.

Traffic accidents are usually bad news but in Clown world it's a sign of going back to normalcy.

This week in Israel we’re not required to be muzzled, due to the extremely hot weather. Something tells me we’re being used as a scientific experiment.

To live is to die. You endanger yourself by living. You are in danger at home or elsewhere.

The risk of one over the other is unknown. It's all debatable.

A person may die soon if restrictions are lifted, while they would've lived longer if the restrictions stayed in place. Another person may die in their home obeying the restrictions, while they would have lived longer if they were allowed to leave home.

Morally, only individuals should make the choice when the outcome is uncertain.

@adam Aren’t you concerned of the possibility that KaiOS phones will eventually become surveillance devices like smartphones?

Israeli Independence Day is coming up! That’s depressing..

If anyone’s interested I’ve made an NA guild in Black Desert online: mobile. Feel free to join and contribute.

Even though you’re at home, you must remember to drink.

Trump vs Biden is gonna hilarious. Trump is gonna convince Biden that he's a chicken! 😂

Y’all wanna setup a virtual meet-up for the weekend?

Even Americans living abroad get Kung Flu money, that’s how great America is!

Any dude named Ben’s or female equivalent know if it’s possible to learn everything for a CCNA certification for free online?

@adam: What's the guy's name? Dick pound?
@Johncdvorak: Dick. Pound.
A: Dick Pound is the longest standing member? Are you kidding me?
J: I wasn't going there!

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