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all these silly people thinking file not found is 404 when it clearly is 0x6A82.

I wish I was as passionate about something as Drew is at hating all programming languages

This is what's wrong with the tech industry. The expectation that one should give their free time *EVERY DAY* or you're somehow "not passionate".

My response to that would be fuck you and your shitty fucking culture.

My kids and family are FAR more important to me than your ridiculous expectations.

</rant> 🙃

I made a silly thing that translates a brainfuck program to zig then compiles it on the fly. It's useless but i had fun.

In 1956 a trader named Vince Kosuga cornered the national onion market, purchasing 30 million lbs. After dumping his stockpile it led to a public outcry, Congress passed the Onion Futures Act. As a result onions are the only commodity where the trading ...

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