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student explains how when shots were fired, she thought it was a drill because students were told that there would be "fake screams" and "bodies being taken out."

We might be switching to paper ballots in more counties because of those pesky Russians. I'll take any excuse that will sell paper ballots to election commissions.

The son of a FBI agent (no agent is ever "former"). And there's an interview with him also in Charlotte where he wasn't payed for some performances as a Cristmas Elf.

Busy guy, this little David Hogg.

Looks like twidere manages pretty well multiple accounts at the same time. This means I can come dwell here a bit more often. It's not the morning at all here but anyway everyone.

>you're still part of spain

Well, no, if they declare independance, they're not part of spain anymore, that's the point.

Retarded journalist.

Coming back here for a second and sharing this video.

This is Ross Scott, a youtuber known for a funny adaptation of the game Half-Life called "Freeman's Mind" where he does the voice acting of the game main's character (that is usually silent) in comical way.

But this video isn't about it, but more about the very recent Youtube demonetization program pushed by advertisers.

The man is interesting, and his take on the subject is worth it.

@Arwalk @Arwalk if provi is so peaceful, how come their KoS list includes half the universe, including every nullsec and lowsec group out there?

today's is Catherine Faber's "Providence Skies"

The song mentions "Providence", a region in the online game Eve Online. Providence is "null-security", meaning players are allowed to do anything and usually fight each others, but Providence is known to be a "peaceful" part of null-sec, where residents protects each others.

Mixing some "traditional-medieval" sounding music with a sci-fi setting is a fun choice.

Stranger fly safely in providence sky!

No Agenda Episode 962 - "Service Pony"

Ok guys, i need a link to the Maxine music that played at the end of the show. It was perfect.