I was on the monthly Influenza Mailing list until it was discontinued in March 2020. The February 2020 Report indicated 57,000 Americans dead from influezna, Season to date. In a typical year 75-100,000 Americans died of Influenza until it was cured in March of 2020. BTW - in any typical year, the Influenza Flu Shot has at best a 50% efficacy. I never once read someone died of another cause WITH influenza. Dr. Mengele Fauci needs to be imprisoned for life.

Russia soldiers are 200 km away from the border. Russian solders were REDUCED! Russia has repeatedly said No further expansion of NATO. The US, with Biden in charge, overthrew the elected Ukrainian government. Biden has promised not to install the offensive missle launchers. Why the fuck does the US have any interest in Ukraine except to fuck with russia. We should be friendly with Russia rather than these fucking warmongers trying to start a war!

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Hospitals are typically at capacity in December as people use up their annual health insurance.
January is a slow time of year as people are hit with the new taxes, new deductibles, and post Christmas spending decrease.
Hospitals are designed to run at 75% and above. Most jurisdictions will require a Certificate of need to expand capacity. The govt and your competitors decide if you can increase capacity

The Lesson Of COVID: When People Are Anxious, Isolated, & Hopeless; They're Less Ready To Think Critically
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I do not buy the idea China is cornering the food market. They are terrified of a revolution. Anything that moves is eaten. Food is scarce. The government wants to insure a solid food supply for its citizens so there won't be a food revolution.

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Manchin is unusual in that he represents the State of West Virginia. Most Senators represent the Senate.

Why is AOC calling Chuck Schumer to demand action? Who the hell is this freshman Representative elected with 7,000 votes?

Oh Lord, please ask Santa to bypass DC and instead have a Meteor hit the political buildings while in full session.

Merry Christmas

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There is a tear in the matrix. NoAgenda livestream is inaccessible. Please call your local CIA and ask what is happening.

There are over 80 clinical trials for ivermectin in just the United States right now, but based on the 3CL protease mechanism of action that is so powerful in treating COVID patients, ivermectin is unlikely to attain approval.
There is a new and improved ivermectin called Tollovid and you can buy it TODAY to have immune support.
The variants came with a much higher viral load. This is likely why studies done later in the pandemic didn't confirm the early efficacy that the doctors witnessed.

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"...And he rejected the lawyers’ argument that allowing Congress to obtain — and potentially expose — a former president’s tax returns would be unconstitutional as a matter of separation of powers, reasoning that the “threat” of such later exposure would have “minimal” impact on how presidents perform their duties."

Oh yes- I am sure, like Dodd-Frank, there will only be minimal unforeseeable consequences...🤨

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Why is Ukraine interested in NATO? This old boys club intended to stop the Russians from invading Western Europe, is irrelevant. Bush promised Ukraine the US and NATO would defend them against Russia.


Half the population of Ukraine is Russian. It sits on Russia's border.

The (USA) Emperor has no clothes and Russia has to be concerned that Biden and his warmonger friends will punish them economically? HaHaHa

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