Looking for suggestions for a remailer or anonymizer. I hear of many being advertised but would like some feedback from one who uses them

Yesterday I heard a podcaster make an offhand comment, "Now it has come out the Virus was exaggerated for political purposes..." I can't find anything about this. Has anyone else heard such a comment and has its source been verified? (I do have an e-mail to the podcaster about this)

Pandemic Data - PANDA - is based in South Africa and has done a wonderful job collecting and disseminating information related to COVID. A Speech that was posted on YouTube has been taken down. It's so nice that Gaggle - the provider of free information worldwide - has protected the ignorant from potentially useful information. Check out their website for some real information.

Is it just me or have others had difficulty with Chrome and Firefox? I decided to log in while at work and Chrome tried to warn me to stay away from this dangerous site.

Remember when Gaggle was going to put millions of books online so we had such wonderful access to thoughts and ideas? Seems like a dream now.

We listen to politicians tell us about blacks and you would be forgiven to think they are all poor, uneducated, on welfare, single-family homes cowering from drug dealers (who also happen to be black). What is more racist than that? These are not the blacks I work with and socialize with every day

Richard Wolff claims to be a "Socialist Economist" but socialism is a political idea and not an economic idea. Watch him hake a complete ass of himself on the SOHO Forum debate against Gene Epstein. Epstein even tried to help him out during the debate and Wolff couldn't defend socialism. He is a complete loser who only exists because the education system enables idiots lifetime welfare.

Yesterday I heard a clip where they said in France there were 1.5 million deaths DUE TO COVID. Did I hear that correctly? I call BS unless I am corrected.

When I approached the counter at the local Post Office the kid behind the counter remembered me from one day not having a mask. Today I was wearing one with the writing, "Communism Requires Masks." He thanked me for wearing my mask. I gave him the Hitler Salute and called out, "Heil Biden comrade." He got my package and the people in line laughed.

More evidence continues to come out regarding how the CDC leadership lied to the American people, over-counted deaths, utilized incorrect PCR procedures, etc.
Science, Public Health Policy,
and The Law
Volume 2:4-22
October 12, 2020

In Alaska the govt insists it is not mandatory but you can’t fly to villages without it. Its not mandatory however😳

Here we are partying in a van down by the river waiting for Adam and John! I think I’ll take a Candanavian Shot. Two Crown please!


The government vaccine passport and tracking system. Sign up! Be the first on your block.

Help me understand the information regarding the newest vaccine. It is 85% effective in preventing SERIOUS illness. Explain how anyone can identify that they feel less sick than they otherwise would have.
Notice it DOES NOT prevent the illness. Why the hell would anyone take this?

Several weeks ago there was a clip I heard on the Podcast of Bo Jiden saying, "This has been the most Corrupt election..."

Can anyone help me find this clip? I would love to have it as my ring tone.

I have noticed several high-profile Tweets that are anti-Trump. Wal*Mart had one recently and then they quietly said forget about it (but did not apologize). The Manufacturers Association recently tweeted for the 25th Amendment. These do not seem legit. Is it just Twit nerds with a job putting forward their bias?

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