what podcast app do you suggest I download for my android phone? i use podbeam and I like it but i'd rather use an app that you recommend.

Have the experts been wrong about renewables this whole time? youtu.be/N-yALPEpV4w

@adam clip suggestion

EU parliament member Clare Daly explains how the US benefits from destroying Europe.:


How about people behind it ?
Peoples who directly supported invention and coverup of whole situation of this biological weapon had violated a lot of treaties and it makes them traitors.

More in the video, this guy cannot be ignored he is authority. We basically get every checkmark we known about and talk about from a guy who is an actual scientist and understand it. GG bois too all who stayed clean and probably will stay alive for very next years to come.

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All your questions are answered in this testimony of Dr. Richard Fleming.

Source : rumble.com/vwn4z7-dr.-richard-

What is Covid-19 ?
Biological Weapon.

Did vaccines help ?
No there are enough data to proof that.

Are vaccines safe ?
You take parts of biological weapon and directly injected it into yourself, they are not safe.

Important prep work under way for the Southern Colorado Memorial Day meetup.

I'd love to see @adam do an interview with Robert Barnes and Viva Frei and Mark Groubert and Eric Hunley. Seeing Adam riff with either Barners or Groubert would be kino. youtube.com/watch?v=WOXw8tuX3c
this channel has some very good JFK, RFK and Alec Baldwin content.



We have put together the most complete list of WEF graduates available - with over 3800 names, going back to the beginning. The spreadsheet has nationalities, bios, jobs, attendance, etc of the graduates.
These graduates fit the criteria of foreign agents - and should be registered as such. They are not patriots and they put our great nation at risk. Let's make their names known everywhere.

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