I was distracted and had my tv on mute and all of the sudden Les Stroud showed up on my screen. Stoked! A new survivorman? Nope. A paid program for Generac generators. Another hero selling out. Though I’m not too surprised. He was always a bit of a sellout/narcissist. 😕

Hmmm. Do you think they’re trying to say it’s a bull market? 😂

When we got attacked in 2001 it was because we were trying to force our worldview on populations all over the world that didn’t want it. And that world pushed back. It kind of feels like what’s going on in the US right now in general. 🤔

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Thank you for Mr. @adam and Mr. @Johncdvorak

I got my reward for not being a douche bag.

Thank you for both you do.

It has kept me grounded with my keeper. And we are thankful.

Peace all!

Wait for tomorrow’s drop! Tuesday 4:20 drip. Some Disco House Funk

Love you all! All you NAS Fam and community.

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I'm trying to decentralize and one of my Youtubers started hosting on Odysee (great!) but the vids are laggy af. He's in Germany. Is it the distance? The website? Help me Dude named Ben, ...you're my only hope. (sorry, no hair buns)

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@Ariesian1 Lots of SJWs that liked to jump into conversations is what I remember. There seemed an inordinate amount of bisexual women posting revealing photos too. Then lots of cool people disappeared. I still follow The Scream.

I’m watching an old documentary about the battle of the bulge. They have an interview of a Medal of Honor recipient who showed incredible bravery and shot 14 men while defending the US position while alone on scout. They keep showing him smiling as he talks, but his eyes always have tears in them. War is hell. RIP Melvin Biddle.

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One man's trash is another man's... well, she's still trash. He just hasn't caught on yet.
Good luck, new guy.

I got on to No Agenda Social after we got labeled Alt Right KKK Nazi Quadroons by the sensitive out there and blocked by some. What was the federated timeline like before that? And who here decided to follow the scream bot?! 😂😂

Uh oh! Looks like the No Agenda group on Meetup needs an organizer or it will be deleted. It doesn’t know it has been decentralized. 😆

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Watching British true crime shows always sucks. The presumption of innocence we have in the US is gone. So they find any partial fingerprint....the guy is guilty! Yawn.

I grew up in a very religious family. And it seems to me in this day and age of the internet and instant information and gratification the “fruit of the spirit” most lacking is self-control. 🤔 thought patience and kindness aren’t too far behind.

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Just taught my 12 year old niece how to spot native ads.

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A cyberpandemic you say? Listen to the latest episode of darknet diaries, about the mariposa botnet. France still seems infected. Waiting to go off.

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