The Trump Baby "Blimp"...

Peak political discourse in the UK.

All these folks talking about global warming but ain't nobody building an ark yet.

👏Why 👏ain't 👏you 👏built 👏a 👏boat 👏yet?!?!

These EU elections are actually going to be interesting.

All the major countries appear to have very strong support for anti/sceptic EU parties (via the pre-election polling).


@Ardral I bet he talks like that also. It reminds me of all those weird progressive liberals Kaitlin Bennet usually interviews for Infowars. None of them can discuss anything in a normal way.

Well, they mystery of why Buzzfeed was the outlet to release the Pee Dossier is solved.They accepted $1.5M directly from Obama's Priorities USA right in the middle of the time the dossier was alleged to have been written.

The interview with Bill Weld was stomach turning. Let's not forget that, he was the VP canidate for the libertarian party. Libertarians believe in less laws and red tape, yet he wants to get on board with the TPP and the Paris Climate Scam. What a fucking idiot.

When your ISP builds routing tables from extreme circumstances and feelings. (And when you know what DNS is.)

Madam Secretary S05E16
It's a carbon wank-fest! When the pastor's daughter in an interview says "99.9% of scientist" I spewed my drink over the laptop.
They get more brazen with every episode.

Someone actually built a site that lets you find other accounts for people you follow who have been banned or shadowbanned on birdsite, facebag, and other censorship crapholes of the internet.

@Ardral The contrasting reactions are pretty indicative of how incapable our societies are of communicating about tough concepts and problems. Will probably only get worse in the short/medium term.


"We need a conversation about why white people drove the Muslim to do that."

Some nutter (likely voted Leave) runs about shouting "All Muslims must die!" and non-fatally stabs someone.



Some Islamic nutter shoots a bunch of innocent people in cold blood.

RESPONSE: Not all Muslims are bad, man. He was just a lone nutjob.

Gunman opens fire inside Dutch tram

One person is feared to have died and several injured after a man opened fire in a tram in Utrecht.

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