Anyone have a link for the OTG iPhone setup by @adam ?

I'm still getting Youtube recommendations about how mad people are about the Thor gender change...

Jesus Christ.

It has come to my attention that there are those on Mastodon who think that anyone who doesn't agree with their politics should be cast out of the federation.

Please stand up for Freedom of Speech.

True Freedom of Speech means you will have to deal with the fact that not everyone thinks the same way as you and will therefor come across views that either make you happy or extremly angry.

Communication is the key to making the world a better place and the only way that progress can be made.

If you lock people out becase they don't agree with you, you are only hurting those you claim to care about because those with extreme views will continue to speak, with the only difference being that no one will challenge them.

Arrogance is the biggest threat to our society.

I mean, I get some people are upset about MCU, et al, changing male characters to female but, really, is it worth getting so irate about it?

Seriously, there are more important things going on in the world than fucking movie story lines.


4 NYPD suicides this week of people who witnessed Anthony Weiner's laptop folder called "life insurance"?

Clinton_body_count += 4

May I present to you the latest in revolutionary sneaker design

I call it the Joey.

Named after the man who had 20 million Russians on the run.

Man, every time I try to give Reddit chance I quickly get reminded what a fucking hell hole it is.

"Scott Adams errs badly in excusing Antifa on the grounds that it’s just risk-craving young men having fun committing non-lethal violence against bad guys.

In summary, Antifa is not just a collection of boys having a little bit of violent fun against deserving objects. It is a violent communist mob that uses dangerous weapons to intimidate and attack anybody who stands in its way."

Classic YouTube auto-translate...

But, yeah, I'd rather turn into a vampire than a banker too...

The Trump Baby "Blimp"...

Peak political discourse in the UK.

All these folks talking about global warming but ain't nobody building an ark yet.

👏Why 👏ain't 👏you 👏built 👏a 👏boat 👏yet?!?!
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