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Just about the time you thought things couldn't get any worse in our schools, someone comes along and says, "hold my beer." This is outrageous!

The who love Megan Markel loved Jimmy Savile's child molestation more or else they would have covered the story.

They chose NOT to. But they choose to cover this. This proves the covers for kid fuckers along with loving Biden for killing Syrians.
RT @Dr_Revelator
It is telling it took an actor to cry crocodile tears about wazizm to get the to want to "prosecute the Royal family" while …

"How I learned to love the new world order" -- Biden, Joseph R Jr.
Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Apr 23, 1992. pg.A13

@Viking Are you available on Friday the 12th, 5 to 9ish for a Local 33 meet up near Lake Oswego, OR?
Maybe meet at Maher's Irish pub outside patio since its near St Pattys day?
Anyone else from Local 33 available to do an impromptu meet up? @mapleleaf @markoola

Andrew Osborne's - Baseline Freedom Show discusses Dominic Frisby's "Life after the State" book.

Thank God for Texas. The screenshot is from Jack Poso's tweet- I tried searching for an article that covers this but most of them have inserted garbage.

This makes me really happy and hopeful that other states will follow suit.

@Economic_Hitman hit me up with some good music.
Due to our move, I find myself at the laundromat on a weekly basis until new digs are found.
I need some good tunes.
Do you have any suggestions? Mine are getting stale after 4 weeks of this monotony.

My neighbor tells me she received the moderna vaccine and the first shot she said was "fine until she felt sick 24 hours later"
Then she received the second shot a month later and said she was "so ill, I couldn't move and felt my arm muscle was damaged, even went as far as going to the doc to be sure it wasn't a permanent injury. But then a few days later I was fine. The vaccines ok but I had to call in sick for several days"

Wait, what???

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