Why pretty much only blue checks trust the media anymore....

A friend sent me this very disturbing VAERS entry, nursing mother got vaccinated and her 5 month old went down hill 1 day later and died from some pretty horrible complications that look like a direct result of the vac.

Houston's "Be Someone" sign above I-45 is updated to read "COVID-1984."

My boss acted all giddy he was getting the vaccine today.
He assumed I already received mine and asked how it felt to be free.
I said it was terrific and I didn't feel a thing.
Here's hoping he doesn't ask for proof.

Driving across the state of CA, what people don't realize is how many farmers were for Trump.
Signs are still up that support him.
Also signs are up that are against the vaccines as well as Newsom's crew not providing water for their farms.
We need some rainstick action in So. Cal. @adam

Someone told me that a narrative is being pushed about mass shootings, but I was skeptical so looked it up myself. Ummm...

Portland region meetup!

Got 4 RSVPs, don't know what percentage return RSVPs, I didn't ask for it, so hopefully there are a few coming per RSVP!


Anyway, last chance to wish @Anthropomorphize good moving karma!

Pedo Joe wants unity, yet we the people are fenced off from our representatives, over 2000 guardsmen protecting the capitol border.

Yet on our real border, 1000s enter our country illegally, carrying who knows what types of actual diseases.

Well, gonna walk the dog.
His doggy duty is more interesting than Joe's speech.

No Pedo Joe, I don't need a vaccine to get together with family. I already do it, been doing it, with dozens of friends and family.

NONE of us have gotten sick.

Geeze he's so creepy.

step off.

Somehow, I got on this list.
I have a feeling it is because my reprobate joke of a friend put me on it.
Well, I can't let a good opportunity go by. Enjoy NAS slaves. Have fun texting Nathalie back.

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