Shaun King a.k.a. Martin Luther Cream, Cream Abdul Jabar, Thurgood Marshmallow, Kareem of Wheat, Chalka Zulu, Harriet Bleacher Snow, W.E.B DuBlanc, Snow J Simpson, Stevie Wonderbread, Snowbama, Jaleel White, Souja Soy, Honkey Kong, LaBlonde James, Milky Dukakis, George Whitewashington Carver, Balanc Obama, Frederick Pigmentless, Albino Sharpton, Vanilla Jones, BlancMan, Shaun White, Mel Blanc, The Fresh Prince of Straight Hair, Pale Robeson, Kamala Fairest, Maxine Whitewaters

Shaun King, noted activist and exact opposite of Rachel Dolezal reportedly tipped off officials to the perpetrator who shot 7 year old Jazmine Barnes in Texas. Except that he implicated an innocent man who happens to by white. The actual alleged shooter is a black man. King doubled down and used the old line "I started a conversation"

Ocasio-Cortez banned the press from a town hall because she wanted the attendees feel safe. So what she's saying is the press is the enemy of the people? 🤔

Of course to cover this blunder some other media outlets are saying the outrage over Austin stems from his opposing a measure in the northern Mexican states to ban slavery. Slavery, Confederacy, eh... Close enough

Funny how Austin, TX wants to change its name to avoid what some media is reporting the connection between 'Confederate' leader Stephen F. Austin. The Confederate States of America formed in 1861. Austin died in 1836. Did someone ask Austin about his time traveling before he died?

A man in the UK has been convicted of 'gross offense.' His crime? He taught his pug to do a Hitler salute as a prank for his girlfriend. If you're a comedian in the UK, run!

Who remembers Children's Internet Protection Act?

Never change, Huffpo, never change. L

@AnthonyComstock it's her own fault for being a woman! Her words!

Hey, all you pussy hat-wearing women's marchers, Hillary would like to let you know it's your fault she lost.

I understand the message but it is terribly executed. Only the heterosexual seatbelt will save you.

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