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@Synclair "Right now, scientists are in exactly the same position as Renaissance painters, commissioned to make the portrait the patron wants done, And if they are smart, they'll make sure their work subtly flatters the patron. Not overtly. Subtly."

- Michael Crichton

CDC: “Universal masking is essential to reduce transmission of the Delta variant”

France: *Has universal masking policies*

Also France: *Cases rise rapidly again*

Do they actively try to get everything wrong or are they really just this bad at their literal one job?

When you go over this list of Communist Goals from Naked Communist, it's clear that Communiists have been very successful within the US (and the world) in achieving these goals.

Go over them, how many do you see that have happened?

@adam @Johncdvorak

“In addition, there are countless other questions that thus far remain unanswered. In conclusion, the antibody response to natural influenza virus infection seems to be broader and longer-lived than the antibody response induced by influenza virus vaccines. A better understanding of the questions listed above and the differences between natural virus infection and vaccination will allow us to design better vaccines.”

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“The molecular mechanisms and consequences of imprinting are largely unknown, and, until we have a better understanding of this family of phenomena, we cannot use them to our advantage. The role and mech- anisms of the mucosal antibody response to influenza virus antigens need further investigation, and vaccines that induce robust mucosal immune responses need to be developed.”

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