ITM I have started a list of cancel culture targets at I'm hoping to use it to hit some friends in the mouth. Let me know what / who I am missing.

Interesting that the infant death rate in the US dropped significantly during the lockdown when there weren't vaccines being pumped into them at the usual pace.

Interesting article both in regards to content and the fact that it is published in The Atlantic aka The New World Order Paper of Record

Looking to do some research on "Q" stuff if anyone has recommendations on sources. I have always blown it off so if anyone is sympathetic or a true believer I want to hear your side of the story.

I propose that we change the name of our great land Gitmo Nation to

Gitmo George Floyd.... memory of our fallen hero that stuck a gun into a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion....

....Such bravery to attempt to do what Planned Parenthood was unable to do

You'd think everyone from the Liberals to the Progressives to the Libertarians and most Republicans would like to see this fake court disappear. It's easily abused. …

Full-List of bots:

Furious Fox host LOSES IT on Trump after he announces he's taking hydroxychloroquine - YouTube

Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective and dangerous and you shouldn't take it because you will die. But you also shouldn't take it because the Lupus sufferers who really need it won't have enough if you do. 🤔

What are the odds someone, anyone will go to jail over this? Yea right.

Long interview (in French with subtitles) with Luc Montagnier. Going over the proof the virus was not naturally occurring.

Seth Rich Refuses to Stay Buried

The treasure trove of documents revealed by FOIA requests and other forced publications starts to show an interesting trail of breadcrumbs.

Besides that, it's now also officially confirmed on many fronts the whole Russia involvement is total bullshit.

Internal FBI email also show this known corrupt Peter Strzok 'squashing stories' about Rich involved in the DNC hack.

De-classification of the NSA records could maybe solve this mystery.

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