“Chappelle’s great sin, in the eyes of these crybullies, was that he said trans women aren’t women because they do not have the biology of women. I believe that. A lot of people believe that.”

I believe that. I know that.


Any hotel chains that aren't on the shit list?

Looks like travel for work is starting to loosen up... Would like to only support non woke and non jab mandating chains jf possible.

@AndrewTheGreat first buy:
- A handgun
- 1k rounds of ammo for handgun
- A years food for your family and anyone you have to take care of.
- A rifle
- 9k rounds of ammo for rifle
- body armor and tactical gear
- property you can use to make money or food with.
- whatever you need to use the land
- combat training
- solar system for essential needs
- 1k or 2k gal underground propane storage tanks
- then buy 1oz silver coins from a well-known mint. Enough to pay your taxes for about 5-10 years.

Here is a summary presentation of lack of vaccine efficacy and deaths by vaccine.
I haven't been able to go through it all.


What are y'alls thoughts on buying silver?

Buy Silver & Gold Coins + Bullion, Coin Dealer | SilverTowne

Finally getting caught up on NA... Anyone else want to make a Megan Kelley donation just to mess with John?

[No Agenda] 1390: "No Hugs For You!"
podcastaddict.com/episode/1298 via @PodcastAddict

America is an open air insane asylum run by a criminal cabal of sociopathic jewish wardens

@cgarison I think this could be a game changer. What do you think?

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I wonder what made them change their minds.

Since there weren't any strikes and the only interruptions to service were caused by weather, after all.

Ok THIS could make things interesting! Big banks vs the president... Who will win!?

‘They’re Getting Desperate:’ Bank Group Executive Pushes Back on Psaki’s Characterization of Opponents of IRS Proposal link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app

Download our app to read more at ept.ms/DownloadApp


Anyone have that image of "Rich vs Poor is the wrong distinction" and that we should be looking at something like Tyrants vs people that work hard?

It had a bunch of rectangles to visualize...

@jazzilla Bitch, who is going to enforce your illegal mandates? Go fuck yourself, your Shit Hole City is done.
Let It Burn!

Confused Joe walks past a microphone and tries to give a random speech over blaring music. Jill comes to the rescue.

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