@andreas All of these examples are enforced legally by an overreaching intellectual property regime which circumvents the principle of first sale. The idea that someone can sell you something but still control what you do with it is corporatism, not capitalism.

This is a mistake made by too many young marxists - looking at the corrupt crony-corporate system we have, assuming that this is capitalism, and concluding that the free market has failed, when it is far from free.

@redwhitebluedude That whole article shows they are nervous and trying to run interference. I doubt it is difficult to verify bamboo fibers with a microscope. Seems like forensic science has them nervous.

I don't care if "the white race" goes away. Put down that pitchfork and/or praise, I don't care if "the black race" goes away either. Your skin colour has no fucking value and does not define you.

Supposedly China has a vaccine exactly like that. Not that we’ll get it because China is AssHo.

@AmericanGhost @SirSpencer

Moe brought this up the other day on his live stream on lil nikeX & it hits the nail on the head. It comes to my mind about the possible holocaust level event developing from this covid/vaccine mess. Satanists put it right in our faces to avoid karmic consequence & say "couldn't figure it out? That's on you." I don't think that lets them off the hook spiritually, but they have a point. Everybody has had the entirety of human knowledge in their pocket for years. What's the excuse for not knowing?

@AmericanGhost Except that SARS-CoV-2 is listed as a virus that does encode reverse transcriptase, so it already provides its own means of incorporating its genome into the DNA of the host cell, and the ultimate outcome is the killing of the cell, not propagation of the cell’s genome to other healthy cells. This is why we would already expect to find parts of SARS-CoV-2 genome in infected cells even without a non-mainstream pathway for incorporation.

wow... @WakWak

... this is big.

First real set-back for expansionist China we've seen for a while.

With all the talk about vaccine passports, why does no one talk about a positive antibody test after having covid as an exception? This is how you know it’s a racket.

@Charbax @AmericanGhost I'm shocked the "Top World Expert" on renewables doesn't like nuclear. If used properly, it could render his field moot. But at least now I understand YOUR motives.

@AmericanGhost @Charbax Ditto. There are things that can partner with Fossil fuels. Not replace. TTFN

@Charbax @AmericanGhost 200 years ago we burned near zero. I don't play those percentage games. And hello? we're all going to Mars with Elon. If the planet isn't ending in the next 40 years I don't care.
It's amazing how all these leftist gambits always require MY cooperation to succeed. Maybe stop hating all the people who's services you think you need to live, ala masks and global warming.

@Charbax @AmericanGhost So you are more concerned with running out than the actual effect on climate. We're gonna burn it all up? Here's 120 billion new barrels for ya...
I'll put my "might happen" up against yours any day. Mine is good for me now, not possibly good for someone in the future.

And you knew due to distance that an attack could only get close to home in a certain amount of time.

Now, to any intelligent person paying attention, the threat to our way of life is just as urgent as that of a war in prior times. However, the time of its true danger is immediate, the community is divided against itself with sides not clear even amongst ones family

Whatever you may be going through, remember you are at war with unprecedented lack of support or acknowledgement of it.

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We are at war. We’ve been at war. Whatever struggles you are going through today, remember that, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

The difference today is that the internet has redrawn the boundaries, the sides. They are no longer geographical, physically grouped , and separated. Prior to the internet, the threat of immediate harm was held back via distance and time. Even if you were completely fucked, your community would at least come together against the common enemy and hold its ground.

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