Thought this sticker said something completely different at a distance 🤣

On my way home I thought I saw a vanity plate that read "BYAZURA"... I found a fan of the adoring fan! 🤣

I just made an old man cry. Right in the feels 🥲.

Just heard David attenborough connect climate change, extinction and Covid-19... fuck him. Why are rhinos, elephants and a slew of other animals going extinct? They say climate and "other pressures". Fuck you. Its "CHYNA". They are hunted for their tusks because the pin dicked Chinese think it will make them stiff. They think bear bile cures COVID, Jesus Tap Dancing Christ what else do you need to see to see before you call a spade a spade? COMMUNISTS ARE MONSTERS

I'm sitting here looking at the TV and burning holes in everything that I get

Finally got the details on my foster, a shit show as usual. After all this his foster at the rescue in Arkansas was shot. Wtf...


No political career can survive contemptuous ridicule.

I have said this a number of times here on FA.

Nothing corrodes the ability to govern faster than the kind of open ridicule being suffered by Biden on a global basis.

Here we see a reporter in Australia offering to personally write a check to anyone who can decipher one of Dementia Joe's latest mumbles.

You think we got a commie problem now. Wait twenty years.

Since I was a child my goal in life, what I always dreamed of being came from one line in one movie: ...beholden to none. Not living by another's leave.

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