Cat went missing couple days ago. Whistled for her last night, heard the sad meow and tracked to neighbors tree. Treed by some animal. Successfully figured a way to get her down from the ~35ft limb. Bucket with her blanket, catnip, and food.

@adam the graphene/5g story is close to the plot of the Disney movie Cars 2. Where the Green fuel race sponsor has an additive in the "official race gasoline" that they can use to blow a cars motor using radiation from the camera gun.
IIRC the Green gasoline was a scam that didn't work and this was all a ploy to get people to use old gas.

@shill @adam @Johncdvorak
NA, the gift that keeps giving. Merry Christmas.
Thanks to Eric, best timing.

@SirSpencer I've noticed the past few days on 4chan, suddenly there is a plethora of 'knowledgeable' people giving out information that makes sense to me. In terms of myo (myocarditis), IM (inter muscular), all sorts of goodies in threads that have previously been full of one-liners, snark, and shills.
Something is afoot. I haven't seen decent information on there for months.


What a shit movie, shit casting, and shit acting. Over half the movie was over before I realized that Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel look like the same woman on different days.

Zuby posted this video today about Mass Physchosis from After Skool. Interesting watch. There's a couple parts that hit home in regards to NA.
13:25-14:07 Talks about the importance of isolation because it disconnects people from positive interactions with those who call bullshit.
17:47-21 defines the redeemer personality, parallel structures and societies, and the use of ridicule against that in power being a useful tool, as they have no humor to fight back with.

Pickles had asked for some shelves in her office. Had the idea for a butcher block assembly, and using copper pipe for a through dowel joiner so there's a cool reflection in the shelf. Problems arouse, like they do in any project of mine. When gluing the slats of wood, I ended up with none being even. It looked like tiny stairs. I setup the "table" into a router plainer and tried. Ended up making it so uneven I can tell from across the garage. First ones always a learning process.

The dawn soap/vinegar/salt mix is no joke. I was mowing this little patch of driveway before. It will take two sprays to be complete. Small price to pay for the piece of mind that spraying some Bayer poison down where we walk lacks.
Recipe I used as follows
1 gal Vinegar
2 cups Epsom salt
1/4 cup Dawn soap

Costs about $3 a gallon of spray, I'll have my driveway, paths and walk around the house done for $20

@adam Here's a good piece of shit article targeting crypto. It doesn't take the author long to spread lies while contradicting himself. Bitcoin is called untraceable, speculative, and a mom and pop cottage industry while a govt approved money is backed by their respective Treasury. It goes on to praise a govt backed crypto that's only downside is the privacy concern that it'll be harder to cheat on your taxes. Takeaway slogan "cyber offensive still beats cyber defense"

Gaff or truth wants to come out?
On the last show, Hotez says at the end of the clip
Blah blah blah, going to the gym and eating a healthy diet "isn't the same as the virus neutralizing the antibodies from the vaccine."

Really, I was going to take a programming course with my father at another local college.
Dad knew what was up with ITT, told him how dumb I felt getting scammed for 3k for a semester there. Fast forward a few months. I wreck my Jeep t-boning a Semi on the way to work. Dad also knew about this, showed up at the accident.
So he gets this phone call about 6 months after I stopped classes. She starts with her demanding questions. Does he know his son hasn't showed up for class in 6 months?

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Few shows back, ITT Tech came up. Finally dug up this pic about their predatory scams.
Went to ITT w/ a buddy for one semester, complete shit courses. Best example was a lesson about what type of battery to take in the field for a laptop. Last week of the semester, nice young lady comes to my class to talk to me. She's a councilor for ITT, asks why I didn't sign up for classes next sem. Tell her story about work picking up, no time for classes, might come back in a year or so.

@adam @Johncdvorak
Six week cycle evolution : Ransomware attacks

Reports today reveal FBI helped the DOJ recover more than half the $4.3 million paid by Colonial Pipeline...without saying how, just that they can get to it.

@NBS Howdy friend, heard your note from the last show. Thought I'd send over a welcome present. Clipped from a show earlier this month, it is original show audio.

On and off for a couple months I've been brainstorming how to replace my driveway lighting with a simple, DIY with any part can be replaced cheap and easy (snow blower has broken driveway light cases more than once). Found the picture online and drew up my idea how to mimic.

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